3 Reasons To Try Skydiving For Your Birthday

3 Reasons To Try Skydiving For Your Birthday

Published: September 12, 2019

Looking at a milestone birthday comin' up? Whether you're staring 18 in the face or 80 (or, heck, 100!), we have a suggestion of how to make this birthday one to keep displayed on the top shelf of your life for ever and ever. We're here to tell you that making your very first tandem skydive to celebrate your birthday is the most exciting, empowering and exhilarating way to ring in your personal new year. Ready to lean in for a little convincing? Great! Here are our top three reasons to take yourself on a birthday skydive:

#1. Because it feels UH-MAY-ZING!

There's nothing like a birthday cocktail with your besties to get you in a fantastic mood. Now: how about making that a cocktail of feel-good brain chemicals? We have a delicious pour of adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine just for you, and it's waitin' on the other side of our airplane door.

And, if the in-air happy-feels fireworks aren't enough to convince you, there's more: You won't believe how empowered you're going to feel when you land. This is the kind of inspiration that can buoy you right to your next birthday -- and beyond.

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#2. Because your friendships should be celebrated in similarly epic style!

Let your besties in on your birthday skydiving plans. Why? Because it'll pretty much guarantee a #squadgoals moment. When you announce you're going skydiving for your birthday, you're bound to gain at least one high-flying companion to join you on the airplane. (Check out our group rates and make it a mob!) The more nervous members of your circle can cheer you on from the ground -- but after they see you land, they're liable to make the leap themselves.

The raddest part about sharing your skydiving birthday with the people you care about is the immense bonding experience it represents. Sharing a day of high-altitude adventure with the people closest to you in your life most definitely falls in the "lifetime achievement" category.

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#3. Because you deserve to unwrap some turbocharged bragging rights.

Not only are you going to be the local hero for inspiring your tribe to have an incredibly fun, positive, inspiring adventure -- you're always going to be known as the nutter who rallied that first leap of faith -- but you're going to get the video and keep the moment alive. Right? Bonus points for writing a commemorative phrase on your hands (Dirty thirty? Finally legal? Sporty forty?)

Whether you're planning your very own party or you're an awesome human hunting for the perfect birthday gift, birthday skydiving is by far the perfect fit for this soulful celebration. We can't wait to ring in this cake day with you!

From everyone at the main office to our jump masters, it was an incredible and professional experience. I would reccomend this place to anyone looking to skydive in the area. Amazing!

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