3 Reasons Why Gifting a Skydive Will Make You a Hero

3 Reasons Why Gifting a Skydive Will Make You a Hero

Published: November 9, 2018

Did you know that you can fit almost two miles of heart-pumping adventure into any given holiday stocking? Well: You can. Easily, in fact! And you're going to look like a stone-cold boss doing it. The solution is a four-word dynamo: Tandem. Skydiving. Gift. Certificate.

Just imagine - it'll solve your gift-giving quandaries for every single human in your life over the age of 18. Here's why giving a tandem skydiving gift certificate is the best choice you can make - whether you're nailing down presents for friends, family, co-workers or that perfect stranger you're looking to impress. Also, tandem skydiving gift certificates are crazy-easy to give. They fit everybody. They'll save you a ton of gift wrap, scotch tape, ribbons, and bows. And! They'll cause your lucky recipients to think of you fondly every time they look up at the sky. (Hey, it's the most wonderful time of the year, y'know!)

1. You'll look like a gift-giving wizard without even trying

It's unbelievably easy to buy tandem skydiving gift certificates through our handy online booking system. We'll point that out again: the booking system is online, which means it works "Amazon hours" -- even at 10:30 PM on the night before Christmas when you suddenly bolt upright out of bed because you realize you forgot to get something for your sister.

You're in good hands here, too: As easy as the gift of an LISC skydiving adventure is to give, it's the farthest thing ever from a lazy cop-out. We insist that a tandem skydive is one of the very most powerful, thoughtful, confidence-enhancing -- and downright fun! -- presents that the people in your life will ever unwrap.

2. Watching the reactions from the recipients is fun for everybody

When someone unwraps a tandem skydiving gift certificate, the reaction is predictably awesome. After all, we're talking about a seriously unique (and highly interactive) gift. The likes of this certainly haven't shown up under their tree before. A tandem skydiving gift certificate carries a sense of adventure that's going to barrel out from the pack, and the jaw-drop you get from the "unboxing" is gonna be rad.

(Yupp - this is an example of the face of someone who just got gifted a skydive.)

The gift keeps giving, too! When your recipients make it out to our beautiful Long Island dropzone and share their awesome video footage, you're pretty much guaranteed to get a tag and a shout-out.

3. A skydiving gift certificate is the most memorable present ever

As long as we're on the topic: let's talk about how landmark a moment a first tandem skydive is in the life of that brand-new skydiver. Unquestionably, that tandem skydive you gave them is bound to be a life experience they'll remember for a lifetime. There's no adventure quite like stepping out of a plane into the wild blue yonder -- especially in a place as special as Long Island, with the Big Apple skyline spread out along the horizon in its iconic kinda way. There are few moments in any human existence that feel so free, and the horizon-expanding magic will last long after this year's Christmas trees are lined up on the sidewalk.

So how about it, gift-giving ninja? Is this going to be the year you inspire your tribe with the pure magic of freefall? Let's do this! We'd love to answer any other questions you have about giving a tandem skydive as a gift. Get in touch today!

I cannot wait to go again...best experience of my life thus far!

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