Preparing For Your Skydiving Day With Us

Preparing For Your Skydiving Day With Us

Published: April 8, 2019

Got a skydive on the books with LISC and looking for pro tips to get the most out of that epic day ahead of you? Here's all you need to know to prepare for your day with us!

1. You'll Need a Government Issued Photo ID

Unfortunately, a student ID won't cut it. In order to verify age, name, and date of birth, each skydiving participant will need to present a government-issued form of photo identification, such as a driver's license or passport. And speaking of important pieces of plastic...

2. Bring That Credit Card With You

To help protect our customers from fraud, the credit card used for the online booking must be presented on the day of the jump. So bring it!

3. Prepare For a Half-day Affair

We ask that people plan to spend up to 5 hours at the dropzone. You're probably wondering "why?".

Please consider - unlike an amusement park ride, when it comes to a skydive, there are quite a few pieces being juggled at any given time. There are planes to fuel, training to be done, gear that must be inspected and snuggly fastened to student and instructor, and parachutes that must be re-packed into the skydiving containers each time someone lands from a jump. Each of these crucial pieces of the puzzle takes a bit of time.

The other thing to consider is Mother Nature. When you take in to account the possibility of weather delays, it pays to prepare to spend a few hours with us. The sky is our playground, and so we're at the whim of the weather. For everyone's safety, weather conditions must be optimal before we will put anyone in the air.

How To Prepare for Skydiving

The factors above are why, on the day of your skydive, you might not be able to stroll in, be paired with an instructor, and hop right on a plane. Typically, we can get you in and out in about 2 hours. We just think it sets you up for an enjoyable experience to come prepared for a longer stay. Plus, that way you can be pleasantly surprised if everything lines up just right.

To prepare for a half day with us, we suggest you eat something in advance, bring along light snacks, water bottles, and a little something to keep you occupied, like a book or a deck of cards.

4. Keep Those Toes Covered

Closed toed shoes are required; even if you're sporting a perfect pedicure, we cannot allow jumpers to wear flip flops or sandals. Boots with lace hooks are also prohibited. Opt instead for athletic shoes or sneakers. Check out this comprehensive guide to the best skydiving shoes.

5. Dress For Success

An important part of preparing for your day with us is making sure you're comfortable. In the summer, choose clothing that is light and well-fitted. Athleisure wear or "workout" wear is often a good choice. Tank tops are allowed, but you may experience some skin chaffing due to the skydiving harness. When picking out your perfect skydiving outfit, keep in mind, it's about 15° cooler at jump altitude. Get your full guide to What To Wear for Skydiving here.

6. Don't Forget Your Media Package

Did you totally space on pre-paying for a media package? Don't fret! Even if you didn't think to add a photo or video package to your skydive at the time you made your online reservation, it's not too late! You have the chance to add the package of your choice on the day of your jump when you check in.

7. What To Expect From Our Aircraft Fleet

Our planes can accommodate 2 students each (with instructors attached). You and your buddies (if there are more than 2 of you) may be in the air at the same time, but just on different flights.

Side note: If you get a media package, you can always share your experience with your friends later if they ended up on different flights.

8. Catching the LIRR

There's nothing worse than booking your appointment - only to realize the train will not arrive in time.

To avoid this debacle and ensure you won't be running late for the biggest adventure of your life, make sure you confirm the train schedule ahead of time. Additionally, this will help you to determine if any work is being done to the railway lines that might affect the train's regular hours.

It's also important to note that the Mastic/Shirley station is about 2.3 miles from Long Island Skydiving Center. You can call MRB Taxi (631.882.4489) for a ride to our facility, or catch an Uber or Lyft!

Here are directions to our dropzone.

9. Complete Your Waiver Ahead of Time

To keep up with the digital age, at Long Island Skydiving Center, we are in the process of setting up digital waivers. Once these online waivers are up and running, we ask that customers fill them out at least 36 hours before their booking time. Our hope is that these online waivers will expedite the check-in process and help get you from the ground to playing with your knees in the breeze much more quickly!

Have any further questions? Feel free to give us a call!

My mom had a time of her life with this experience and we are very thankful to Matt for his patience, bringing her back safely and an amazing experience.

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