What To Do With Your Hair For Skydiving

What To Do With Your Hair For Skydiving

Published: July 9, 2018

Is your hair longer than a buzzcut? Well, then: Let's talk about how to do your 'do for your tandem skydiving experience.

It's more important than you might imagine to tame your mane - especially if you don't want to be left cutting out knots! Those who arrive at the dropzone with the idea that it'll feel great to just let it stream loose end up paying for that decision with, at the very least, a long self-care appointment involving a comb, a sad face and a big tub of conditioner. If you're wincing right now, you're exactly the person we're writing this for, so pull up a chair and let's talk tangles.

Braids Are Best

For optimum control, you can't beat braids, in all their many forms. We especially love to see students who manage long bangs with braids. (That strategy not only keeps your hair out of your eyes, even in freefall - it looks great in photos!). To keep your braids from becoming bullwhips in the 120-mile-an-hour environment, we suggest that you wrap them in close to your scalp and affix them there with pins and clips. This braid parade might just inspire you to twist your tresses.

How About a Bun, Hon?

We'll be honest, here: most buns have a tendency to fall out when you're rocketing through the atmosphere. That said, if you put extra-special care into securing it, a thoughtfully constructed bun is a super-nice-looking way for both men and women to get a bunch of extra fur out of the way. Don't go easy on the bobby pins, and use any extra tools you may have at your disposal to create a bun of iron. A war bun, really. A bun that shall live on and triumph through the struggle.

Saddle Up That Ponytail

We see a lot of ponytails in our line of work, and most of them end up just as knotty as knotty can be. How knotty? Well: go make yourself up in a ponytail and walk outside into a windstorm. Does your hair stay put? Naw. That knotty.

That said, there are plenty of ways to tame that wild pony. One strategy: Get extra reinforcements into the action. Check out these (cute!) skydiving-friendly ponytail setups for a smoother ride:

Cap It Off With a Pro Tip

Feel like you need a little extra "hair insurance"? We got your back, dear reader. (Well: We got your head, as well as your back.) Almost across the board, we hair-bearing skydiving professionals like to up the ante and wear a buff or a skullcap under our helmets. These essentially strike spectacular tangles from the list of skydiving risks, and it's easy to carry one along with you to the dropzone.

You'll notice the running theme here is control. The general idea is to get as much of your hair secured as closely to your scalp as possible (with a bit of style for your skydiving video debut, of course!). Since you'll be moving through the air at 120mph, you can still rest assured you'll be landing with a wind-blown aura about you. But if you take the time to protect your precious tresses from those forces, you won't have to show up at work the next day with an unintentional beehive.

Ready to have hot hair up there? Heck yeah, you are! So set out those combs, bands and bobbies and let's get you ready for your skydiving close-up. Next phase: read up on what to wear to your first skydive.

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I cannot wait to go again...best experience of my life thus far!

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