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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 3 years ago

The breath. The single act that gives us life. Much of it is autonomous, and then there are moments like when a girl says yes to marriage, or you get a brand new car, that take your breath away. Then, there’s skydiving. A single act that just the thought of it, can make people hold their breath without even knowing it! So how can you breathe while skydiving? Is that even a thing? The answer is yes, and today, we will guide you through 3 effective breathing tips while skydiving!


When you show up to the skydiving center and see the wonderful colors that fill the sky, and the enthusiasm that fills the air, it’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement and start to feel your heart pumping and butterflies in your tummy! Skydiving is an incredibly exciting world and much of it’s unknown to you. New people, new sounds, new lingo, new equipment, and so much new information to absorb.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, and a little stress all wrapped up in excitement. We feel that knowledge is power. That’s why we do a brief training to show you what your part is in the skydive, and what to expect, so you can feel you have a grip on what’s to come, and enjoy the experience.

We mention these things as all of these nerves affect the breath during the skydiving, and it affects each person differently. But first – know this, all you have to do is breathe like you are now – during your skydive – to breathe in freefall. Sometimes that seems too easy, so we have a few fun breathing tips to share!


There is nothing like skydiving in the world (well, except indoor skydiving, but even that you don’t jump from a plane nor fly a parachute to land), and there’s nothing to do but experience it for yourself. When you are approaching the door and you feel your heart in your throat, once you jump and feel the floor below you disappear, just scream!!

That’s right! Screaming will help you feel like you’re refreshing your breath cycle and really helps a lot of people breathe during freefall.


You’ll hear so many skydivers say, just breathe and relax and you’ll have fun on your skydive. Oh right, we’re just about to jump from a plane thousands of feet up in the air and hurl ourselves 120 mph towards earth!! What do you mean breathe and relax??It sounds crazy, but it’s oh-so true.

Breathing during your skydive will help you enjoy the experience more fully. So how do you do it? Any time you feel the butterflies in your tummy, take a deep breath, filling up the belly, then let it out and expel the breath out from the tummy. This is a diaphragmatic breath that helps calm the nervous system. It will help you feel in control of your breath throughout the entire experience, even feel control of your breath while in freefall.


What?! How can someone forget to breathe skydiving? It’s true, new skydivers get wrapped up in the experience – and rightfully so, it’s a lot to take in! And they will simply forget to breathe. The key is taking all tips with you in your back pocket so you’re prepared.

Let’s recap how to breathe during your skydive: first – REMEMBER to breathe! Then, deep breaths on the ride up to altitude, give a good scream as you leap from the plane, then go back to the deep breaths and you can breathe in freefall!

Does this article get your heart pumping, or feel out of breath? Maybe you’re ready to try these tips for your first skydive? Contact us to learn more and we’ll be excited to welcome you to the wonderful world of skydiving here at Long Island Skydiving Center!

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