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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 3 years ago

Considering a tandem skydive? Wondering if skydiving can change your life? The answer is yes!

We live in a fast-paced, social media-saturated world. The view from behind the screen is filled with FOMO moments and lifestyles that seem entirely out of reach. If you think all of the fun and adventure is for “other people” – perhaps you should try a tandem skydive. Jumping out of an airplane securely attached to a tandem instructor is a great way to improve your life. Here are five ways we are certain skydiving will change your life:

1. Meet The Real You

We all dream of daring adventures and wish we could live outside our daily routines. Many of us live in a safe box of limited habits. How often does being self-conscious about your appearance or fitness level hold you back from trying something new?

We promise everyone feels intimidated and nervous on their first jump. The support and security of tandem skydiving will give you the chance to believe in yourself and realize your strengths. Skydiving is the perfect way to push your own boundaries and see the real YOU.

2. Face (and Conquer) Your Fears

The unknown often causes alarm. You may be surprised to know that these feelings of discomfort are actually an invitation to positive personal development. Fear can be the thing that holds you back – and overcoming that fear can help to set you free. Skydiving may push you to the limit of your comfort zone, but the reward is empowering and well worth it.

3. Claim the Brave And Bold Badges

That moment of exiting the plane will change everything you think you know about yourself. All the anxiety and fear that held you back is old news. Successfully completing a skydive makes anything seems possible.

Suddenly you become part of a special group of brave souls. Jumping out of an airplane is an experience that will help you harness your courage and help influence other areas of your life. Compared to skydiving, boldly asking for that raise, signing up for a marathon, or traveling to a new country is no longer a big deal.

4. Gain a Clear Perspective on Life

Skydiving opens up your mind to possibilities. The view from above literally offers a new perspective on how you fit in with the world below. There is something profound in finding out you can overcome your fears. On every level, there is a shift in what you perceive as your limitations. The solitude and peace of getting above it all is a Zen moment where you can see yourself as you wish to be.

It isn’t just the altitude that is adding a bit of clarity to your perspective. Tandem skydiving is an exercise of trust in yourself and your instructor which translates to believing in the power of shared human experience.

5. Finding Your Tribe

A surprising side effect of skydiving is the people you will meet. Most dropzones have an irresistible vibe (including LISC!). People from all walks of life show up to skydive. It is often said that skydiving does not discriminate, and it is true. No one cares how much money you make or where you come from. All skydivers care about is the joy and positive spirit of the sport.

That first tandem may lead to flying solo and the commitment to becoming a certified skydiver. You might just find yourself a part of the dropzone family and making friends from all over the world.

We are often asked why we would jump from perfectly good airplanes. It is because we know that skydiving changes lives. The courage and self-discovery you gain by pushing your boundaries can be profound.

So we will be happy to make you a part of our family and show you how mindblowingly amazing that thing we do can be. Why not book your tandem skydive today?

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