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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 8 months ago

Spring has almost sprung which means skydiving is just around the corner! Since we’re nestled in a chilly corner of the country, the weather gods aren’t in our favor year-round. But that’s okay! Being able to skydive for just over half of the year makes each jump extra special. As we arise from our respective winter funks, it’s time to do a quick refresher to ensure a safe and successful skydiving season for everyone!

Why is Skydiving Seasonal?

woman tandem skydiving with an instructor

It’s cold, that’s why! Skydiving is an extreme sport that takes place outdoors, subjecting us to the will of Mother Nature.

Even when we’re fortunate enough to have some mild and sunny days scattered throughout the winter, it is still frigid at our exit altitude. The air temperature will decrease by about 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit with every one thousand feet gained – this means it’ll be around 36 degrees cooler when you’re jumping out! This would make the average temperature at skydiving altitude about THREE degrees in the month of January, brrrr!

Not only do we have to battle the crispy and chilly temps, but the winter months bring more dreary clouds and rain. Jumping through clouds is prohibited (because you can’t see the ground!) and skydiving while raining is also a big no-no. The combination of all these factors is what makes our skydiving season start in the spring months.

When is Skydiving Season at Long Island Skydiving Center?

Long Island Skydiving

When does skydiving season start? When does skydiving season end? These are common questions we get all the time! In a general sense every dropzone is different, because every climate is different! Here on the island, we will begin our 2023 season April 22 or 23, and when is skydiving season over? Mid-October.

This will be our first full skydiving year with our new plane – the Cessna 208 Grand Caravan, and she is a beaut! While our trusty steed, the Cessna 182, will always be in our hearts, the C208B is an animal of an aircraft in the skydiving industry! With a much faster climb rate, the ability to fit more skydivers, and a huuuuge door, we’re confident our 2023 season is ramping up to be the best yet!

What is The Weather Like When Skydiving Season Starts?

Girl Skydiving in New York with Instructor

Beautiful! April makes our little cove of the country gorgeous with clear blue skies and temperatures in the mid to high 50s. The ideal weather for skydiving has light and variable winds and sunshine with minimal clouds. The most important attribute that skydivers keep at the tip top of their minds is safety. April weather is generally the kick off for safe and desirable skydiving weather in our neck of the woods.

What should I wear to skydive in April? Skydiving in the spring means to bring layers, layers, and more layers! We recommend a nice underlayer and one or two pieces on top that you can shed if you get too warm. You can definitely bring a pair of gloves to keep your fingers from freezing in the wind! Wear whatever you’re comfortable in.

The big fashion no-nos in skydiving are: open-toed shoes, hats, jewelry, boots or heels, and anything super bulky (like a winter coat), or restricting (like a leather jacket).

Physical Preparation For The First Jump Day!

As a tandem student, there isn’t too much physical preparation that needs to be done prior to your first skydive. Making sure that you meet our skydiving weight requirement and get the go ahead from your doc if you have any medical concerns are all our tandem students need to worry about. If you want to do some practice arches, go for it! 1, 2, 3, BANANA!

As for our licensed jumpers and solo students, doing some light exercising and stretching to get your body limbered up to skydive is always a good idea.

Mental Preparation

Your head space is the most important space. Whether you’re a tandem student or a veteran skydiver, taking some time to hype yourself up about the season that lies ahead can never hurt!

If this will be your first time to take to the skies, take some deep breaths, make sure you book your skydive well in advance to secure your slot (buy those gift certificates for friends early!), and read our FAQs to properly prepare for your jump. Preparation is key to a skydiving victory!

If you’re a solo skydiver, take the time to set some annual goals for yourself, clear out your locker or gear bag, and ensure that your reserve repack is in date – riggers are busy this time of year! Practice your EPs and double check your gear! You can never practice your emergency procedures too much. It’s awesome if you’ve kept your skills intact by shredding in the wind tunnel, but the freefall is only half of the skydive.

To prep for the season ahead, double check your gear. Maybe the last time you jumped your brake lines got pretty twisted, take the time now to untwist them and give your main a nice pack job – there’s no point in rushing through the process on the day we come back.

Let’s dust off those snowflakes and have an awesome skydiving season! We can’t wait to help your 2023 be RADICAL. Book today!

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