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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 6 months ago

Skydiving isn’t necessarily meant to scare you – it’s meant to challenge you! And we believe that the mental, emotional, and physical stimulation is the most beautiful part of the sport. And we gotta tell ya, that feeling of accomplishment after a skydive is like no other – it’s why we keep on jumping!

However, it is not uncommon to feel scared of skydiving, especially for your first time skydiving. It is usually the anxiety of the unknown, the rush of adrenaline racing through your body, and crazy anticipation of the jump that revs up the butterflies in your belly. The fear of skydiving is perfectly normal – in fact, most people experience it, even seasoned skydivers!

We’ve got some useful tips that will help you discover how to get the courage to go skydive! We know you can do it and it’s totally worth it!


Should I go skydiving?

First, we need to ask the question: should you even go skydiving, and why? The obvious answer is YES! You absolutely should go skydiving (we may be a bit biased). But really though – there are many fantastic benefits of skydiving, including nourishment for your noodle

Adrenaline is the most noticeable hormone you will feel coursing through your body during your skydive. Adrenaline makes your heart beat faster which in turn increases blood flow to your brain and muscles. This makes you feel superhuman! When adrenaline mixes with the “feel-good” chemicals that help you cope with stress – we’re talking endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine – you feel mega uplifted! Skydiving is like therapy, that way, and you come away with a big ol’ empowering boost of self-confidence. 


Courage to skydive

You’ve got skydiving on the brain! And now you need to muster the courage to take the leap. Living in the digital age, there is a ton of information out there – which can be a bad thing, but it’s mostly a good thing! Use it to your advantage – hop on the interwebs and take a gander at all there is to help you feel prepared. Once you know a little more of what to expect, it’ll be easier for you to work up the nerve to go for it!

  • Do your research!

Like most things you do for the first time, it’s best to do a little research so you can get a better idea of how to approach it. Check out the different drop zones in your area and choose the one that best meets your needs – and try not to base your decision solely on pricing. We highly recommend reading reviews and maybe even giving the dropzone a call to get a feel for the vibe. It is critical that you pick a dropzone that you feel comfortable with and more importantly, that you can trust. We hope you pick us! *wink*

  • Watch other tandem skydiving videos/photos.

One of the best ways to get a feel for a dropzone and what your experience will be like is to watch someone else jump! Witnessing the process and the emotions the jumper goes through is a perfect way to prepare for your first skydiving experience.

  • Read “what to expect” articles.

Articles are a great way to help you prepare for your first time jumping, even guiding you through the skydiving process from start to finish.

  • Bring a buddy!

Experiencing your skydiving journey alongside one of your nearest and dearest is the ultimate way to get the guts to jump. Test your relationship by keeping each other calm while having the time of your life!


how to stay calm while skydiving

Now that you’re ready to go skydiving, how can you maintain your calm and courageous persona?

Just being in a dropzone setting for the first time, complete with all of the new sights and sounds, can get your heart pumping! Here are a few tips to stay calm as you are brought into the brand new world of skydiving.

  • Breathe.

Take deep, focused breaths – in through your nose and out through your mouth. Try your best to relax and be fully in the moment.

  • Make sure you are well-rested.

Skydiving is a sport, therefore, we should treat ourselves like athletes before a big game. Except in this example, “the big game” is your monumental skydive! Being well rested means not only literally getting a good night’s rest but also drinking water, avoiding alcohol, and refraining from eating big meals right before your jump.

  • Lean into your instructor.

Your instructor is your new best friend. Their professionalism, and easygoing and open-minded temperament is the perfect counter to your jitters. They can provide great reassurance as you embark on this new adventure. Talk to them!

Live your best life at Long Island Skydiving Center! Come jump with us! Blue skies!

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