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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 9 months ago

For many, the past year has drastically changed how they view their finances and spend their money. Some were lucky enough to keep working, shifting from high rise to the home office as COVID-19 restrictions tightened, while others had employment completely put on the back burner. As countless folks emerge from the confines of the lockdown with limited funds and an undeniable craving for freedom and fun, it pays to be wise and cautious with where their hard-earned money is spent.

Unequivocally, rather than bear the imposition of stringent travel restrictions and increased risks of exposure, it seems smarter to look closer to home for exciting stay-cation excursions. The search for an adventure closer to home may have even brought your attention to us here at Long Island Skydiving Center. As you weigh your options and consider the skydiving NYC price, are you wondering is skydiving worth the money?

We certainly think it is. Though cost may be a black and white value, a number printed on a sticker, or a line on your credit card statement, cost cannot always speak to the value of the purchase. Really, it is the ratio of the value you receive and the cost you incur that determines if anything is worth the investment. Below, we’ll give you a few reasons we consider the experience of skydiving to be well worth the money.

Skip Buyer’s Remorse

How many times have you made a pricey purchase only to regret it a short time later? Post spending spree, most people feel a twinge of regret over the money they wasted on items they really didn’t need. This is not the case with skydiving. In general, experiences do not evoke the same buyer’s remorse that the purchase of “stuff” does. Instead, you’re more likely to suffer from a case of FOMO (fear or missing out) for not taking advantage of the opportunity to experience something as thrilling as a skydive. Because the experience of skydiving provides lifelong memories, the joy you experience won’t fade a few days after like the short-lived excitement of a materialistic purchase.

Investment in Optimism

The past year has made it exponentially more difficult from people across the world to “keep their chin up.” At first, it seemed with a few measures the curve would flatten, and the hope to return to our “normal” lives glimmered brightly on the horizon. Now, the hope is still there, but we’ve all had to come to terms with a timeline we weren’t expecting. Times like these make it tough to be optimistic. The neat thing about skydiving is that the experience provides both a physical shift in perspective (you literally see the world from a bird’s eye view) and affects your outlook on life. Skydiving brings things into perspective in a different way. Admittedly, the natural boost in endorphins a skydive causes certainly doesn’t hurt to inspire a sunny disposition either.

Empower Yourself

If you’ve felt for a while like you’re not in control, you aren’t alone. It can be easy to begin to see yourself in a lesser light than you should. Remind yourself of how powerful you are with the experience of a skydive. Skydiving is an activity that reminds you what you are capable of if you simply step up to face the challenge. To us, this reminder potential is priceless.

Is skydiving worth the money? Is it worth the money to find a brand new outlook, a feeling of empowerment, and pride in what you can accomplish? We believe it is. In fact, we think it costs you more not to.

At any rate, we hope to show you first-hand just how worth it your skydive is! For more information on first time skydiving, contact us today.

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