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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 10 months ago

It is quite acceptable to become hopelessly addicted to skydiving. Once you take those initial steps on the path, whether by completing your first tandem skydive or signing up for a license course – the doorway into a whole world of life-enhancing experiences opens up. Skydiving addiction is thoroughly wholesome though because there are many rewards to be had from spending your time and money jumping out of airplanes.


Leaping from aircraft into freefall is a thrilling experience that releases the chemicals in our bodies that exist to enhance our performance. Endorphins and adrenaline are triggered into action by intense actions and can have a very positive effect on our overall well-being – not only our physical health but also our mental and spiritual balance. The list of benefits can be long – from better digestion to boosting your metabolism, from aiding with concentration to lifting your overall mood.


Skydiving is a sport built from many disciplines such as ‘Formation Skydiving‘ or ‘Canopy Piloting’ – all of which take significant effort and practice to get really skilled at. This is a very good thing, as the awesomeness begins with your very first jump, but because it takes a lifetime to master, the potential challenges and rewards are present no matter where you are in your skydiving career. One of the greatest assets skydiving has is that you can spend your whole life doing it and you will still learn something every day.

Skydiving Community

Becoming a skydiver is like joining a new family of similarly minded people. Skydivers come from all kinds of backgrounds but join together at the dropzone to connect with motivated and adventurous others – by leaving the ‘real world’ behind for a bit to pursue something incredible. For many, an addiction to skydiving is as much about the time spent at the dropzone, drinking beer around a bonfire, and swapping stories as it is about doing the jumps themselves. There is something very special indeed about planning a skydive that goes perfectly, that has you surrounded in freefall by the big beaming faces of your closest friends.


You can find skydiving events and communities all over the world, and by way of the simple fact that you also like to jump out of airplanes you are easily welcomed in no matter where you go. Skydiving ‘Boogies’ (a cross between a sporting event and a party) can be found in all corners of the globe – next to and over the most spectacular scenery you can imagine. What is better than visiting a place for a holiday? Taking your skydiving gear and jumping while you are there! Then you have even better stories to tell when you come home and are back at the dropzone.

These things all add up to make skydiving an immensely engaging and fulfilling thing to pursue. It will challenge you to succeed in ways you never thought possible, and provide you with lifelong friendships forged out of collective memories you will treasure forever. A pretty common phrase to hear is that ‘skydiving will take up half of your time and all of your money’ – which is true but should be taken as a positive thing. Another saying is ‘I spent all of my money skydiving. At least I didn’t waste it.’ Being addicted to skydiving is like being addicted to all the good things about being alive.

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