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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 3 years ago

Here is a well-known fact: you don’t have to be a genius to make a skydive. But there are some basic bits of knowledge you’ll need when it comes time to get ready for a tandem skydive. We break it down well enough to get you up to speed on what you need to know. Take a second to get your thinking caps on, rev those noggin engines, and let’s get going!

Q: I’m low on funds – what’s this going to cost me? 50 bucks should be enough, right?

A: It’s a no-brainer that quality experiences have a cost associated with them. At Long Island Skydiving Center, the regular price of a tandem skydive is $298. While the 50 bucks won’t be enough to pay for the skydive, $50 is enough to put down as a reservation deposit to secure your slot and put you one step closer to skydiving! You don’t have to be Stephen Hawking to understand a bargain. If you are able, get the money together and then schedule. When you book your tandem skydive online and pay in full, you get it for $229.

Oh, and we’re here to assure you: There are no hidden fees. The only additional payment required is if you’d like to add video or photo services. If purchased online at the time of booking, these services range in cost from $99-$139, depending on what you’d like.

Because we like you, here’s an Einstein-worthy idea, completely for free: skip that overpriced latte and set the change aside in your “I wanna go skydiving” fund!

Q: Reservation smeservation… I can just show up, right?

A. Not exactly. At Long Island Skydiving Center, we accept walk-ups if we are able to, but scheduled skydivers are always given first priority.

If weather causes any sort of hold or delay, when we resume operations it is the skydivers scheduled for the earliest slots that go first. You’ll save yourself a lot of wasted time and “stuck on the ground blues” if you make a reservation.

The bonus: you don’t have to be a tried and true techy to figure out how to schedule your skydive. It’s pretty easy to visit our website and make a reservation – after all, you’re already here! Just click the green [Book] button on this page, and select a day and time that works best for you. No need to be a ninny and leave your skydiving adventure to chance. Make your reservation ahead of time and fly when it suits you best.

Q: Alrighty – I booked. I just stroll up and hop on an airplane, right?

A: Woah, cowboy – hold your horses! We know you’ll be eager to get your skydive underway, but walking right up to a plane is not exactly a good idea. Those sharp spinny propeller things and less than attentive heads don’t mix. Plus – you’ll need one of those handy dandy parachute things… and ya know … maybe a professional strapped to you too.

Let us do what we do best. After you check in, we will let you know when it’s your turn to get all geared up. We try to get you in the air as quickly as we can without delay, barring things out of our control like inclement weather. Typically, you’ll be making your jump about one hour after your scheduled reservation time.

Also – a few words of sage advice.

1. Perspective is everything in skydiving

Take advice from the masters: Good attitudes are the way to go. Leave your frowns at home. View any wait time you have with the old adage – anything worth having (or in our case experiencing) is worth waiting for. No one knows just what the day will hold, and there are so many things (especially the weather) that cannot always be accurately predicted. Stressing over a little extra wait time won’t make the rain go away or the clouds dissipate any more quickly. Trust us, skydiving is an unparalleled experience. Approaching your day with us with a good attitude can go a loooooong way.

2. Don’t be a Dummy, Get Video!

It’s not like you want to capture incredible, one of a kind, or extra special moments in a photo or video, do you? Oh, wait. You do? Well, don’t wait until you land and look longingly back at the sky wishing you weren’t such a dummy and had sprung for a photo and video package! For anything to be believed, there’s got to be evidence! Without video, how is there any proof you made a skydive at all? Make sure you get it all recorded from nervous beginning to triumphant finish. Since you are sure to be in a tizzy, we make it simple. You’ve got two chances to add a photo or video package: you can sign up ahead of time when you make your booking online, or add it when you first check in. You’ll only feel like a dummy if you don’t get it.

3. Hey! Don’t take us too seriously.

We’re just joshing with ya about all that dummy stuff. We know you are a far from a fool. After all, you’ve got the brains to know you deserve a premier skydiving facility with an impeccable safety record, professional staff, and a spectacular view, aren’t you? That’s right. You sure are, you quick-witted devil you, and genius or not, we’re looking forward to meeting you!

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