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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 10 months ago

Many members of the disabled community prove daily that the sky’s the limit, and we are here to tell you it doesn’t have to be: the sky is included! Regardless of physical ability, the bright, blue sky and all its wonder beckons. For those with doubts, we are here to tell you, achieving the dream of flight is possible even for those that have certain disabilities. As a sport, skydiving is far more accessible than you might imagine.

The sky is wide open and waiting. At Long Island Skydiving Center we derive great joy from introducing all types of people to our office in the clouds. No high rises here: just thrills, freefall, and parachutes. We strive to show that skydiving with a disability is a real possibility because skydiving is for everyone. If you don’t believe us, just check out this epic video of Lonnie Bissonnette completing the first ever wheelchair skydive!

Paraplegic Skydiving

At Long Island Skydiving Center, it is entirely possible for individuals who use a wheelchair to skydive. Though, please note, a Safety and Training Advisor has to assess each individual, and so, skydiving for the disabled at Long Island Skydiving Center is done on a case by case basis.

One of the determining factors for a person’s ability to skydive is the individual’s ability to arch. The arch is a crucial body position for stable, safe skydiving. If the individual in question is able to arch and has a moderate amount of mobility in their extremities, it is likely we can share the skies with them on a tandem skydive. As with any extreme sport, there is the risk of potential injury, and so, it is strongly encouraged that you include your primary care physician in your decision-making process.

Visually Impaired/ Blind Skydiving

Those with visual impairments are fully capable of completing tandem skydives. The pure, free sensation of skydiving is one that can be appreciated equally, if not more, by those who do not have sight as those that do. Visually impaired and blind skydivers don’t have to sit idly by, visually impaired skydivers can even assist with steering the parachute, at a safe altitude.

Hearing Impaired/ Deaf Skydiving

Communication is key in skydiving. However, it is still possible for hearing impaired individuals to experience the rush of a tandem skydive. Our instructors strive to provide clear and thorough instruction before each skydive, and often, in the air, skydiving instruction is provided both through verbal communication and hand signals. As a potential hearing impaired skydiving candidate, you will need to demonstrate on the ground that you are able to receive and respond to the instructions our instructors give.

Skydiving Is For Everyone

Skydiving is for everyone. Though, skydiving with a disability does require that different measures be taken. Each person and ability set brings a different set special considerations that must be taken. We are professional skydivers, and while some skydivers have careers as physicians, we cannot provide official medical counsel. In order to assess your ability to skydive with a disability, you will need to consult with a doctor in addition to contacting us.

That being said, we’d love to start the conversation. If you’re interested in skydiving with a disability, contact us today.

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