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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 2 years ago

This isn’t your first rodeo. Right? You’ve been around the block a few times. You’re rarely in a situation these days that totally knocks you out of your tree. Well, guess what? Tandem skydiving in New York is about to leave you breathless with awesome surprises. Here are a few tandem skydiving tips to help you make the very best of a first-time skydiving experience that is going to come out of left field in so many delightful ways.

1. It’s actually not that scary.

Sure, first time skydiving is scary — until you actually do it. Most of the fear of skydiving is simply the heady excitement of anticipation; it’s not scary like — heck, we dunno — facing off with a bear or something. It’s scary like facing off with your own anxiety about the unknown…because there’s no way you’ll know what skydiving feels like until you do it for yourself.

Here’s a great example for you. So many of our first time skydiving clients are sure that they’re going to end up in a situation where they’re totally crippled by their fear of heights when they’re tandem skydiving. Hardly any of them actually are. From the airplane door, the world below looks like a topographical map — a pretty painting, as it were — and your brain can’t work out the height to the point of allowing you to be afraid of it. Wacky, right? But true.

Even better, any nervousness whatsoever dissolves once you’re in freefall. And here’s the most unexpected of the unexpected: Freefall doesn’t feel like falling. It feels like floating — flying — freedom.

2. Tandem skydiving is actually — get this — peaceful.

How many moments in your life have you experienced in which your inner monologue shuts its jabbermouth completely? Not many, we imagine. Well, here’s another unexpected benefit of tandem skydiving: Freefall totally does that magic.

Because the mental and physical challenge of a skydive is so uniquely complete, there’s nothing that can match the mind-emptying power of jumping into the big, blue sky. Up here, the petty (and even not-so-petty) problems of the world below can’t reach you. On a tandem skydive, you’re finally able to let go, shuffle off all of the negative patter in your life and be entirely present in the moment. There is no stronger sense of peace than that.

3. The gift to yourself keeps on giving.

Think your tandem skydive ends when you land? Ha. Sure, that single jump will be technically over once your feet are on the ground and your high-fives are high-fived, but the benefits of tandem skydiving last long after you drive giddily away from the dropzone.

The empowerment of first time skydiving will certainly surprise you. Making that jump will give you an indelible reminder that you have the power to handle anything. You’ve jumped out of a plane, dude. With that fact on the books, it’s obvious that any challenge from here on out is a challenge you can conquer.

There ya go! Now you’re expecting the unexpected and you’re so ready to roll. Reserve your tandem skydive today!

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