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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 6 months ago

Some first-time skydivers imagine skydiving as a joyride. While it is most definitely a joyful experience, it is not exactly a ride. Skydiving is considered to be a sport and we consider ourselves athletes. Our commitment and dedication to our craft, along with the rush of the skydive itself, brings pure ecstasy!

This “cloud nine” feeling isn’t unique to seasoned skydivers though – many first time skydivers experience the same amount of delight, if not more! The joys of skydiving bring many benefits: mentally, physically, and even spiritually! The skydiving benefits don’t stop at that – you experience a surge of self-confidence from the social aspect of joining a remarkable community.


health benefits of skydiving

Like we said – skydiving is a sport, therefore, it gives you all the physical benefits one would gain by participating in any other sport. For experienced skydivers, you can imagine they must be pretty physically fit. Between carrying heavy gear, flying around in freefall, steering the parachute during canopy flight, taking the long trek from the landing area back to the hangar, and packing the parachute – it’s a legit workout!


The effects of skydiving on the brain are monumental and play a huge role in the overall euphoric feeling that follows a skydive. Humans are naturally intrigued by things that trigger our fight or flight response. The reason for this is because it releases a cocktail of chemicals (dopamine, serotonin, and the all-famous adrenaline) that activate our pleasure sensors  – this is why we’re addicted to skydiving! This release almost “cleanses” your brain and gives your body a righteous mood boost. Studies also have shown that the increase in dopamine specifically can improve your memory and attention!


Skydiving Captions

Skydiving has a way of giving you a totally different perspective on life – literally and spiritually. Yes, there are spiritual benefits of skydiving and frankly it can be used as a wonderful therapy for most. 

The moment you jump out of the airplane, suddenly you feel lighter than you’ve ever felt in your life. It’s a complete release. Skydiving forces you to be totally present in the moment – there is only right here, right now. You are purged of all the stress in your life, whether it be your job, your relationships, the laundry piling up … the list goes on! In an instant, it’s immaterial. None of that matters when you’re free falling at 120 mph or when you’re quietly floating under canopy above our gorgeous planet. You are literally away from it all.

You are free. You are invincible!


There may be times in your life when you feel like the world is on your shoulders and you just can’t seem to keep up. Maybe you feel like you don’t have the know-how to make the right decision during a pivotal moment in your life. Skydiving can offer you that boost of confidence – because for a moment, you get to take a step back and assess your life from a different perspective and feel empowered. Not to mention, the pure accomplishment of the skydive itself gives you the validation that you most definitely can take on anything and everything that life throws at you. Go get ’em, tiger!


New York Skydivers

When you join the skydiving community, you gain a new family. Being involved in the sky community gives you a sense of belonging and the feeling that you’re part of something “bigger than yourself”. It can be life-changing to find yourself amongst like-minded people who support each other as they would one of their own pack. There is nothing more awesome than getting to let loose with your sky friends after a long work week.

Come jump for joy with Long Island Skydiving Center – book your skydive! Blue skies, friends!

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