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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 9 months ago

Would you consider yourself selfie royalty? One amongst the elite few capable of capturing the perfect self-portrait, highlighting each of your travels and adventures? We’ve got a little something that might interest you, a rare gem amongst social networking photo collections: a skydiving selfie!

Just wait. While your other selfies might knock normal folks’ photos out of the park, a skydiving selfie is in a league all in its own!

Oh, and even if you aren’t exceptionally skilled at the art of the selfie, we’ve got you covered! These are the ins and outs, and practically everything you need to know, about skydiving selfies!

Skydiving Selfie

Can you take pictures skydiving?

Absolutely! Pictures and video can be taken of your skydive. However, you won’t be the one sporting the camera. Using a specially designed hand-mounted camera and state-of-the-art video editing software, our tandem instructors can provide you with epic skydiving pictures and video starting before take off, continuing in the sky, and capturing your phenomenal landing!

Are skydiving photos worth it?

Skydiving Selfie

If you believe capturing a once-in-a-lifetime moment on film to treasure for years to come is worth it, then yes! Skydiving photos are 100% worth it. Skydiving photos allow you to freeze the thrilling moments of freefall and the peaceful freedom of your canopy ride into mementos you can savor for decades. In our opinion, it’s not just worth it – it’s necessary!

Skydiving Photos

How do you take good pictures for skydiving?

Taking a good skydiving photo comes down to a few basic things: smiling, camera awareness, and proper clothing. The first is easy enough to manage. If you want a good skydiving picture, especially in freefall, you need to smile—big and proud! Go ahead and paint a big ol’ grin across your face. The reason for smiling is two-fold. Reason one: it looks good. Reason two: smiling in your skydiving pictures keeps your face muscles engaged and keeps you from ending up with flappy-faced photos. Honestly, though, smiling won’t be too tough. It’s hard to do anything else when you’re having that much fun!

Camera awareness is another way to secure exceptional skydiving pictures. Camera awareness (also known as geeking the camera) means that you know where the camera is and interact with it. Make your skydiving pictures interesting: blow kisses or give a thumbs up!

Last—but certainly not least—of the ways to take stellar skydiving pictures is to dress properly! Be sure to choose weather-appropriate items and dress in close-fitting layers. We’ll go into more detail about the best thing to wear skydiving below.

What is the best thing to wear skydiving?

Picking a picture-perfect skydiving outfit is easier than you think. Choose clothing that is suited to the weather on the ground. If it is 80°, a bulky sweater probably isn’t the best choice. For warm weather, you can wear a T-shirt and bring a light comfortable layer to put over top in case you get chilly. Especially in the summer, moisture-wicking workout attire works well. If the weather is forecast to be cool on the day of your jump, you can wear a long-sleeved base layer and a close-fitting fleece. 

What to wear skydiving

We’ve also found that it is best to either wear bright, vivid colors or stick with black as it helps to create a contrast in the photo between yourself and the sky. 

While we’re at it – a quick note on shoes. Athletic shoes that lace up are ideal. Boots, heels, flip flops, and any shoes with hooks are a no-go. 

What do you write on your hands when skydiving? 

Thinking of skydiving captions to write on your hands can be a little tricky. We suggest keeping it short and sweet. Two-word phrases tend to work best. A few favorites are:

Sorry / Mom!

Go / (Insert Sports Team or College Acronym) 

Fly / Free

Live / Now

What to wear on hand while skydiving

For a more extensive list, check out another of our articles: “What To Write On Your Hands When Skydiving – Slogans, Hashtags & Captions”

After reading all that, you can pretty well consider yourself a skydiving selfie professional. So, “Say Cheese”! It’s time to showcase that gorgeous face of yours in a one-of-a-kind skydiving picture!

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