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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 4 months ago

Almost every outing is better when you get to enjoy it with friends – especially tandem skydiving! No matter if you are with friends, family, or even co-workers, having your squad there to have your back and for you all to support each other through this once-in-a-lifetime moment makes your experience mega remarkable. Here, we’ll give you some reasons as to why tandem skydiving in NY is an absolute must!

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Skydiving with a group has the power to strengthen the bonds you already share with the people around you. Nothing brings you closer together than embarking on a life-changing journey hand-in-hand. Group skydiving is a perfect way to celebrate life’s milestones such as birthdays, graduations, engagements, etc. It’s a super cool way to strengthen corporate comradery too – and you can bet the team will be talking about it for years to come!

Skydiving Group Skydiving
  • Birthdays – Skydiving with friends on your birthday is a unique and memorable way to celebrate YOUR life. It is especially popular if you are celebrating a milestone birthday, like your 18th birthday when you’re finally old enough to achieve the dream of human flight!
  • Graduations – What better way to celebrate one of your greatest accomplishments to date than by jumping into the next chapter of your life with your fellow alumni!? Wooohooo! You may go your separate ways from here, but you’ll always have Tandem Skydiving NYC to remember! 
  • Team Building – Nothing can strengthen a relationship better than skydiving. The unknown … the anticipation … the trust … pack it all up, along with your leadership skills, and prepare for the whole team to have a challenging and rewarding experience as a tandem skydiving group!

Will you lean on your colleagues for the inspiration you need to ‘just do it’ or maybe you’ll serve as the ‘positive light’ that supports and encourages others? Group skydiving is a sure way to find out what every individual is truly made of – and you’ll get a chance to see your teammates from a whole new perspective!


One of the more obvious reasons why skydiving as a group is a good idea: group skydiving packages! You have the option to take advantage of crowd-sized discounts that let you skydive for less without having to compromise on the quality of the service. 

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Long Island Skydiving Center offers generous discount rates for groups of four or more. The discounts scale according to your particular group size and even include a FREE skydive for groups over 16. So grab the whole squad! 

Here’s the breakdown of the group skydiving packages offered at Long Island Skydiving Center:

  • Groups of 4-7 jumpers: $10 off per person
  • Groups of 8-15 jumpers: $20 off per person
  • Groups of 16+ jumpers: One jump free!


Let us help you prepare for your group skydiving adventure! To be clear, while it is true that you can skydive in groups, it is not possible to be soaring in close proximity to your friend in the sky (unless you have your skydiving license). The reason for this is safety, of course! Skydivers are all about mitigating risks to ensure a safe skydive, having two tandem skydivers next to each other could create some potential risks that just aren’t worth it. 

Here, we’ll explain the process:

  1. Book Ahead of Time: There are limited slots on the airplane but if you schedule ahead of time, we’ll be prepared to accommodate your group.
  1. Check In: Check-in and go through the training class together with your group.
  1. Gear Up: Meet your instructor and get geared up to go. Once you’re kitted out you will wait with your friends until you’re ready to board the airplane.
  1. Get On The Plane: Board the plane with your friends and tandem instructors. Enjoy the ride to altitude!
  1. Jump: Jump out of the airplane one at a time with your individual tandem instructor and cheer on your pals from the plane!
  1. Canopy Ride: Enjoy the peaceful ride back down to the ground. You may be able to spot your friends under canopy in the distance. Give them a congratulatory ‘whoop’!
  1. Landing Back On The Ground: Nail the landing and reunite with your friends and wallow in the euphoric feeling of completing a skydive together. Snap a pic! (Don’t forget to tag us: #longislandskydivingcenter)


There are a few things that are important to understand before you make your group skydiving outing. We ask that each person practices patience when participating in group skydiving. 

The dropzone is definitely the place for rad times, but behind the fun is a lot of policy and procedure to adhere to and logistics to sort out. We need to mind the weather and make sure we have the right mix of instructors and videographers in the slots available on the airplane to accommodate large groups. We want you to be on the same airplane load as your whole crew, but we can’t 100% guarantee it. Be prepared to split up into separate groups if necessary, and know that it’s for good reason!

Group Skydiving in New York

Luckily, Long Island Skydiving Center is equipped with a Cessna Grand Caravan, a larger-capacity airplane that handles large groups like a boss! Making a reservation ahead of time will help us better prepare for your posse and give you the best experience possible!


One of the biggest regrets we hear from first-time skydivers across the planet is that they wish they’d gotten a video of their first tandem skydive

Tandem skydiving in NY gives you the chance to see our gorgeous region from a whole new perspective – the Long Island Sound, Twin Forks, Westhampton Beach, Atlantic Ocean, Smith Point County Park, Fire Island National Seashore and, on clear days, Montauk and New York City! It’s a no-brainer that you should splurge on capturing this incredible view and life-changing experience to relive with your friends and family for decades to come. It is totally worth the money!

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Grab your crew, the squad, your hype people and soar through the sky with Long Island Skydiving Center! Contact us today. Blue skies, friends.

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