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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 6 years ago

Why Jump From a Perfectly Good Plane?

It is said that growth occurs when you leave your comfort zone. This is absolutely true as we get to witness this nearly every day. Skydiving is more than what you expect it to be. It’s not a ride at an amusement park where safety is a near guarantee, and the thrill is temporary. For many, it’s a life-changing experience.

To sit in the door of an aircraft thousands of feet above earth and step out into the atmosphere will change you. At a minimum, it will change your perspective.

Like shark attacks, the media love a sensational story. This is why people usually hear of the negatives of skydiving not ever knowing the statistics and how many millions of jumps are made each year. What many people never hear about are the amazing stories that come from skydiving.


Many of us get caught up in the rigors of daily life and through time (as we’ve learned first hand), one can get lost in the melodic slumber of losing the quality of life. Skydiving jolts one awake reminding us that life is for living, and this change of perspective often propels people into thinking, “If I can do this, what else can I do?” This alone is a compelling question. Answering this question with action leads to empowerment and steps towards living a more fulfilling life.


You can die from skydiving, but the truth is we can die from anything. There are no guarantees in anything we do in life. What we have found is the risk in skydiving is a good thing because it leads to feelings of achievement. Like many daily activities, there’s no reason skydiving can’t be done safely, but if there was zero risk, then it may not be as appealing. To challenge yourself in the face of what seems like madness… and then love the experience brings about an enormous sense of achievement. People are attracted to challenges that are difficult. It’s why many people are attracted to climbing mountains like Everest. It’s hard; it’s a challenge, and there’s risk, but if you can achieve a challenging goal, it propels you to conquer even bigger challenges. To many, this is living. To us, as skydivers, it’s our oxygen.


Many of our guests jump with us because it’s a ‘bucket list’ activity. A vast majority jump because they’ve been through a major life change and are looking for ‘something’ to fill a void. Skydiving won’t fill a void, but it will give clarity. This clarity is priceless as it shows that there are people in this world channeling their energies into living rather than existing. This is something that we can all have as it’s a state of mind more than anything else.

Why We Jump

We hear the question all of the time. Truthfully, skydivers loathe the question. “Why would anyone jump from a perfectly good airplane?” It’s always said in jest and in passing, and most skydivers have a quick-witted answer that never answers the question truthfully and directly.

The true answer is, it challenges us. It gives us feelings of achievement and clarity and is empowering. To share this with others is why we started this business. We fell in love with skydiving, and we have wanted to share it so that others can discover what we have. It’s a fantastic sport with amazing people offering much more than a roller coaster experience.

Skydiving NYC

Long Island Skydiving Center is celebrating its 14th year of operation, and we invite you to join us in the adventure of skydiving. If you’re caught in the daily grind of anything in NYC or Long Island regardless of your occupation or income level, we invite you to join us! We’d love to share with you why we love to jump from perfectly good planes!

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