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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 4 years ago

Have you ever dreamed of flying? Not of being in an airplane, but really flying?

Whether it was a dream to be a superhero or an eagle flying through the sky, we’ve all dreamed of flying at some point. Skydiving is the closest thing to really flying that we can get! Here, we’ll explain why we love skydiving – and why you’ll love it too!

Happiness like you’ve never experienced

We believe skydiving is the ultimate high.

That’s not just us bigging up the sport we love. There’s genuine scientific basis to this claim too!

When we skydive, our adrenaline levels are heightened. Our body goes into the ‘fight or flight’ response that means all of our senses are sharper and more alert. Our hearts beat faster and everything seems to happen in slow motion. It helps us to take in a lot of information at once, but also to really focus on the things that matter. Adrenaline is addictive and you’ll love to rush it gives you!

It’s this adrenaline rush that leads to increased serotonin levels too – that’s our body’s ‘happy hormone’. It fills you with intense happiness that’ll have you smiling long after you land.

As well as the science bit, there’s another reason skydiving will make you happy. Skydiving gives you a chance to step away from your worries and stresses and to just live in the moment. Happiness, peace, tranquility, excitement… it’s all there for you up in the sky!

An incredible achievement

There are very few people who come to skydive feeling completely confident in their decision. Most of the time, folks who come to us are facing up to a fear of heights or overcoming a challenging time in their life by doing something extraordinary.

That’s what makes skydiving such an incredible experience. It’s all about doing something outside of the norm, which challenges what we believe we can do, and proves that we can push ourselves further than ever before.

Once you’ve jumped, you’ll forever be proud of your achievement. You’ll look back on it knowing that, if you could do that, you can do anything. It’s incredibly empowering.

An awesome weekend story

You know what it’s like; Monday morning rolls around, you rock up at work and talk around the office is all about the weekend. Everyone’s talking about what they did, sharing stories of days out with their family or shopping at the mall.

Now imagine walking into the office and telling them you jumped out of an airplane at the weekend! Now that’s cool!

It’s not just the Monday office chat that will benefit from your skydiving story. You’ll be telling the tale of your adventure for years to come, in social chats, in interviews, in your social media bios and more.

A community of amazing people

Skydivers are a group unlike any other. We come from a whole world of different backgrounds, with different jobs, different family situations, different home lives.

But when we’re together at the drop zone, we all have one very important thing in common: our love to jump. It’s not just about jumping out of the airplane. It’s about the trust we have in each other, the fun of the skydive, the depth of friendships we build when we’re relying on each other.

You’ll meet some of the greatest people at the drop zone. People who challenge themselves, who are trying to achieve something, to do something different. People who don’t see age or gender or backgrounds, just other people who love to jump. It’s a pretty phenomenal thing to be part of.

A new sense of perspective

Once you’ve experienced skydiving, you’ll think about everything differently. No challenge will ever seem too big, because you’ve challenged yourself by jumping from an airplane – and met that challenge head on.

The relationships you build will also give you the support you need outside of jumping. Many of us spend time with our skydiving buddies when off the drop zone too, and that feeling of community gives us the power to tackle anything we need to face with positivity and energy.

No one ever landed from a skydive saying they’ve spent the whole time thinking about their worries! Come and see how it feels to step away from the world for a moment and be part of something incredible.

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