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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 1 year ago

Anyone who has spent time in and around New York during the Winter knows it can get pretty chilly. While at times the temperature can indeed drop low enough to make jumping out of aeroplanes impractical to the point that waiting it out is a better choice – it is possible to skydive in the winter in New York. However, for safety and the comfort of our guests, we close for those few chilly winter months and reopen in the spring.

Why Skydive in the Winter?

As makes good sense, Summer is the busiest time for skydiving operations. Some dropzones will only operate during the warmer months, but if it is possible to do so most would prefer to continue jumping throughout the whole year. This is because on top of the fact that skydiving is awesome and once hooked you do not want to stop doing it – there are some more compelling reasons to go skydiving in cold weather.

The Vibe

Here at Long Island Skydiving Center we are immensely proud of our customer service at any time of the year regardless of how busy things are. When the days are long and the schedule is full, a skydiving operation is an efficiently scheduled affair during which the pace of things is brisk. Witnessing the poetry-in-motion an efficient dropzone in full swing is an exhilarating thing to be a part of, but just as cool in a different way is to be around when things are quieter. Skydiving is a hugely interesting sport, and even before you get to the dropzone your head will likely be swimming with questions. During quieter times our staff will happily talk your ears off about their particular aerial passions and readily discuss how any and all parts of the process work. Instead of having to hustle to be ready exactly when the plane lands from the previous lift to altitude, there is something chill and nice about unhurriedly gearing-up and having the aircraft ready only when you are ready.

Skydiving Gear

Air gets colder the higher up you go – so if it is already cold on the ground it is only going to be more so when you jump. As with all outdoor activities, being correctly dressed for what you are doing solves all the problems. As they say – there is no bad weather, only bad gear. You will be given a proper jumpsuit to wear, but some good layering underneath will keep you comfortable both in the plane and during freefall. Thermal base layer clothing is particularly good, and is easy to wear under your regular clothing. Fleece is a great material for keeping you warm in even the chilliest conditions so if you have that then great.

Gloves are the most important extra thing you need for skydiving in cold weather, and there are many kinds. Some skydivers opt to wear thin gloves year-round, but for proper Winter jump something thicker is a better choice – such as skiing or motorcycle style gloves. If they are reasonably tight they will probably stay on your hands in freefall, but it is best if they can be fastened by a velcro strap or some such. For extra protection against cold fingers, glove liners are perfect.

New York Weather Conditions

In addition to the laid back manner of Winter jumps, this part of the year can give you some of the most spectacular views. Cold, crisp air means that you can see further and in more detail than at any other time, and if you are really lucky you might get the rare and beautiful treat of a freshly snowed upon landscape to fly over and land on.

There is something extra rewarding about facing up to being cold when you do an adventure. Doing it with the right attire means you can enjoy the all pros while neutralizing the cons – and you can reflect on how good you feel about it with a nice hot chocolate afterwards. Skydiving is an amazing experience which is available at any time of year – so don’t let anything get in your way. The best time to go skydiving is as soon as possible!

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