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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 3 years ago

Why skydive? That’s easy. Skydive because you’ve never had another experience like it – ever. Skydive because you’re bigger than what you’re afraid of. Skydive because you want to surround yourself with people worth knowing, and the awesomeness of the skydiving community has no match on this planet. Skydive because the sky has been right there overhead all your life, but you’ve never really met.

Yeah – skydiving sounds great. But should I go skydiving? Me?

Never picked yourself out as the adrenaline type, huh? Most of the rest of us skydivers aren’t really adrenaline junkies, either, truth to tell. Sure, we like novelty, and we like to be challenged, but we don’t generally like to cheat death. We like to live life. The skydiving community is comprised of all different kinds of folks, a great many of whom – we’re willing to bet – are very-much-precisely like you. They’ll agree that yes, you should go skydiving.

And here’s why:

Skydiving is the ultimate release valve

Here’s an interesting little idiosyncrasy of neuroscience: There’s no space in your brain for your earthly worries when you’re hurtling through the air at terminal velocity.

Why skydive? Because when you skydive you can truly let everything else go and live life – for once, at least! – completely in the moment. You can’t be preoccupied. You can’t ruminate. You can’t be distracted. The best part is that, once you’ve landed, the chemicals your brain released in that magical moment of freefall work to keep you in that calm, focused state.

Skydiving is real in a world that, increasingly often, isn’t

Skydiving makes you part of a physical community. Doesn’t that hold immense appeal in these times of ever-increasing digital disconnectedness? Yeah. It does.

Why skydive? Because our devices keep us isolated, but you can’t be lonely in the sky. The skydiving community makes sure of that. You’ll see that, as soon as you get to a dropzone, you have a built-in network of like-minded adventurers with whom to share all the landmark experiences the sky has to offer. We certainly come from diverse backgrounds and we certainly have very different lives outside of the sport, but on the dropzone and in the sky, we’re all on refreshingly equal footing, and the experience of jumping out of planes with people builds bonds that last a lifetime.

Skydiving can be part of a healthy lifestyle

Like a challenge? You found one. Every skydive – from your first tandem to your ten-thousandth training jump – presents an opportunity to hone any of a number of distinct skills: dial in the subtleties of your proprioceptive instincts, run little aerodynamic experiments, or bask in the thrill of teamwork well-executed.

Skydiving is a sport. In fact, the bevy of disciplines under the “skydiving” umbrella each stand as the subject of dozens of competitions held globally, throughout any given calendar year. We skydivers are athletes. We train. We focus. We improve.

Skydiving is waiting for you

Why skydive? Because we’re here, and you can! We can’t wait to welcome you to our beautiful Long Island skies. Make your reservation today and you’ll see what we mean!

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