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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 5 years ago

What does your boss look like in freefall? (Naw, not like that. With a parachute on.) Your mom? Your pastor? Your best friend? Your husband? Your math teacher?

If you’re keen to find out, listen up: You totally should. What you might be surprised by is that there are lots of benefits in it for you if you manage to wrangle your family, coworkers, classmates, and friends out for a day of group skydiving at the dropzone. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Three words: Unequaled. Lifelong. Memories.

The feeling you’ll get when you wiggle into your gear and walk out to the plane? You’ve never experienced anything like it. With a group, that feeling is even better. The whole giggling bunch of you is going to be riding a cresting wave of adrenaline–together!–out into the great big sky, and your shared amazement in the landing area will bring you together like nothing else.

Skydiving with a group has an amazing power to strengthen the bonds between individuals. This is the kind of phenomenon that “team-building” doesn’t even begin to describe, and whatever “team” you’re on–whether it’s for family, work, church, school or anything else–can benefit mightily.

2. Your secret weapon against fear = Your friends.

Of course, you’re nervous! Everyone is. The fact of the matter is that, if you go skydiving alone, you’re more likely to chicken out. Bringing your posse increases your accountability, so you’re much more motivated to face that (pretty much unfounded) fear.

A fringe benefit of friends in freefall: That you’ll actually be less scared with people around you that you know, even if you’re not that close with them. They’ll put a little bit of familiarity into an unfamiliar environment. It helps. (A lot.)

3. You’ll save money!

“The more, the merrier” should be quite obvious by now. “The more, the cheaper” sweetens the deal, n’est-ce pas? Legit skydiving discounts are few and far between for very, very good reason. That said: Bringing a group with you is the way to net yourself a considerable saving while making sure you’re not compromising your safety.

Make no mistake: A legitimate, reputable dropzone with a great student program and a sterling safety record (say, y’know, ours) doesn’t churn out bargain-basement skydives. However, we’re happy to dole out a discount for groups of four or more. The discounts scale according to group size, and can warrant a per-person discount of $10-$20. If your posse is big enough, there might even be a free skydive in it for you! Give us a call and we’ll talk it over.

What are you waiting for? C’mon over and get your tribe in the sky!

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