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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 5 years ago

Leery of low-priced skydiving? You totally should be.

Your hackles probably raise instinctually at the thought of a cut-rate, discount skydive. (I mean: save money on your breakfast cereal or your cable bill, not your parachuting, right?!) That said, way too many non-skydivers are making decisions regarding where to jump based on price alone. Let’s clear it up, and help back up your tickly stomach-feelings with some hard facts.

1. High-volume Is Low-value For You, Dear Jumper.

There’s only one point to lowering pricing, and you already know what it is: doing jumps in higher volume for, theoretically, more profit to the seller. Higher volume necessarily–yes, necessarily–means less individual time with each jumper, less personal service, and a generally less relaxed approach to the whole enterprise.

At LISC, we passionately believe that extra time is of vital importance to a skydiving experience. A more relaxed approach on the part of the dropzone means that the skydive is less overwhelming, the procedure feels more secure and the entire process is less stressful and more enjoyable for both jumper and instructor.

We’re in it for the love, you see, and everybody knows you can’t hurry love.

2. You Can’t Get Around The Expenses (Safely, That Is).

A sustainable skydiving business can’t be based on low pricing. Everything in aviation is expensive if you want to do it right. We’ve invested in the top-notch equipment, the solid aircraft, the highly experienced, caring people and the ongoing maintenance/training for all of the above, and it shows.

3. You Get What You Pay For.

It’s a sad truth, no? Usually, low price operators are rough around the edges–especially with their facilities. You can see the cracks in a cut-rate operation at first glance: duct tape and peeling paint everywhere you look. If you think that mentality doesn’t extend to the quality of the equipment and the instructors, you’d be wrong.

We’re determined to keep it classy, safety-minded and enjoyable for everyone.

4. Low-paid People Ain’t Happy.

Low-price operators usually pay their instructors less. Obvious, right? But what might be a little less obvious are the add-on symptoms to a low-paid instructor. These instructors are usually paid a lower, flat rate per jump, so they have to make lots more jumps per day to make a living wage. This means that they can be tired, both muscularly and spiritually, as bringing new people along on tandem skydives requires instructors to be 100% there, emotionally and mentally, for their students. They get injured more often, and they often burn out on the sport, which is downright tragic.

Like we said, we’re about love, and we consider that abusive. This is our “sky family,” after all, and we are responsible to treat them like it.

5. Skydiving Is More Fun With An Easier To-and-fro.

Would you rather focus on the jump than on the traffic? Would you like to enjoy a post-jump celebratory beer with absolute confidence? Well, LISC is super easy to get to from NYC using public transportation.

Caveat: Your surrounding passengers might roll their eyes at your happy-dancing on the way back, but you probably won’t notice.

If you’re ready for the experience of a lifetime, don’t just book the lowest skydiving NYC deals you can find. Book your skydive with the highly experienced team at Long Island Skydiving Center and we’ll make sure your experience is first-class!

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