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Dressing for Success: What to Wear During Your Skydive


Athletic clothing and shoes are best. No flip flops, boots or heels. Tie back long hair and remove sentimental jewelry. Glasses and contacts are protected with sanitized goggles.


Eat and drink as you would normally. Having too much or too little in your stomach is the number one contributor to guests feeling sick, not the actual jump. Stay hydrated!


Bring valid, government-issued photo ID to prove you’re 18+ and the credit card you used for your online booking. Pack a cooler with water and snacks; no alcohol. Note, vending and dining is available on site if needed.


Arrive 30 minutes ahead of your reservation time to fill out paperwork and complete the pre-jump gear up and briefing. If weather rolls in, we’ll wait it out. Be patient - safety first. 

Jump Again!

Wanna go again? Repeat LISC customers are eligible for a discount on subsequent tandems. If there’s time and sunshine, you may even be able to jump again same day!


Long Island has something for everyone - awesome entertainment and family friendly activities, amazing food and great hotels. Pack your beach bag and stay the weekend.
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