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Skydiving NYC - Your next adventure!

We excel at all skydiving disciplines, but we specialize in TANDEM Skydiving NY! You'll be in good hands at Long Island Skydiving Center for your New York skydiving thrill of a lifetime. Plus, we are respected in the industry as being the most experienced skydivers in the the world.

Our tandem skydiving gear is brand new and the most modern, technologically advanced equipment available. If you want to experience skydiving NY - we are the premier Tandem Skydiving Center in Long Island and the New York area. New York skydiving at its finest.

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Recent News

November 12, 2019
Black Friday Sale - Save $119

Our best sale of the year drops on November 29th! Save $119 on a tandem skydive from New York City's closest skydiving center!

April 30, 2019
New Insta-Worthy Tandem Video & Photo Packages

Long Island Skydiving Center is happy to be offering a brand new tandem video service this season that includes an Instagram ready video you can share immediately following your skydive!

April 30, 2019
¿Sabías que Nuestros Instructores Hablan Español?

¿Sabías que nuestros instructores hablan español? ¡Nos encantaría compartir la experiencia del paracaidismo contigo! La temporada 2019 ya ha comenzado y estamos listos para recibirlo.

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Skydiving Articles

  • Should I Go Skydiving?

    Should I Go Skydiving?

    Is this you?: You want to go skydiving, but the very thought of exiting an aircraft and falling at 120 m.p.h. scares the bejeezus out of you? If that sounds familiar, you're in good company. Nearly everyone feels this way whether they want to admit it or not! So let's break this down...

    Should you go skydiving?

    January 21, 2020
  • Tandem Skydiving: What's Included for the First Jump

    Tandem Skydiving: What's Included for the First Jump

    If you're thinking about skydiving or if you've already booked with us on a whim, you may be wondering what all is included with your first tandem skydive cost. Your first skydive will likely be an adventure unlike anything else and will leave you breathless. Because of this, we recommend tandem skydiving as the best choice for your first time and it just so happens to be our specialty! The beauty of tandem skydiving is that it does not require first time skydivers to know much about skydiving - you just get to enjoy the ride! We are here to help explain what you can expect so the only unknown will be the thrill of freefall and the quiet calm of the canopy flight.

    December 20, 2019
  • Why Skydiving is the Perfect Escape

    Why Skydiving is the Perfect Escape

    It's a weird time right now, isn't it? These days, most folks are looking for stress-reducing, optimistic experiences that push up the numbers on their (let's face it, not-so-solid) happiness index. Sure, that's always been the goal -- but it's never been more true. And guess what? We believe skydiving is just the ticket.

    December 13, 2019
  • Skydiving Anxiety- Here’s How You Can Prepare

    Skydiving Anxiety- Here’s How You Can Prepare

    Let's play two truths and a lie:

    A. Skydiving anxiety is completely natural.

    B. Good skydivers never feel skydiving anxiety.

    C. Skydiving anxiety can be managed with a few simple tips.

    November 25, 2019

Made me feel at home and I had a blast. If anyone hasn't been before LI Skydiving is the place to be!

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