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Why Tandem Skydiving Fundraisers

Unique Appeal

We can admit it – typical fundraisers can be a bit boring. Sometimes people would even prefer to donate without even coming to the event! But adding skydiving to the mix puts a new twist on an old method. Skydiving for a good cause is an event people will actually want to come to!

Supporter Engagement

Even if your supporters don’t necessarily want to jump out of an airplane themselves, watching other people do it is certainly interesting all on its own. Incorporating skydiving into your event encourages participants to get involved by drawing them into exciting entertainment.

Media Coverage

Going skydiving is a big deal! Now imagine how much attention your event will get if jumping out of an airplane is part of your charitable efforts. THAT’S newsworthy fundraising.


Who doesn’t love a good shot of adrenaline now and again? It’s a great way to feel alive, and an effective dopamine booster. Not only will your supporters be having the time of their lives watching you send it, they might even be inspired to donate a little extra because of how hyped you are about taking flight!

Bonding Opportunity

Charity events are as much about the experience as they are about the donations. Bringing people together to watch you dare to show you care will give greater meaning to the event and provide a great bonding opportunity.

Memorable Events

Involving your supporters in your adventure and achievement is special - a charity skydive won’t soon be forgotten! Your supporters may even think of your jump next time they have extra funds! There are plenty of reasons to skydive as your next fundraiser, and even more to do it with us - our commitment to safety, fun, and community make us the perfect partner!
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How Does it Work?

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Who Can Skydive For Charity?

Social Media

We all know that Social Media is the current king of communication. It’s often the best way to get the word out about events and charity opportunities. Soliciting donations and volunteers on social media is a tried and true method of reaching the largest audience possible.

Friends and Family

Who can we turn to for support if not our friends and family? Including the people closest to you in your meaningful endeavors is not only an amazing opportunity to get people invested in your cause, it’s also a great way to make the event more personally meaningful.

Local Businesses

Businesses love being connected to their community and giving back whenever possible. They often have funds set aside specifically for charitable opportunities, and partnering with an event like a skydiving fundraiser is a fantastic win-win where you receive donations and they gain visibility.

Local Media

Local news and radio outlets love covering good samaritans contributing to their community. And a skydiving fundraiser isn’t a typical charity event. They need some good news to balance out their broadcasts. You can even provide them with video of your charity jumps for a follow up report!


We often spend more time with our coworkers than we do with our own families. They know more about us than just who we are in the office, and including them in your fundraiser can even help promote office relationships and good morale. Besides, a skydiving fundraiser is a lot more fun than a work happy hour!

Fund Drives

Bringing attention to your event through community fund drives or other widespread contact methods allows you to reach people in your area that you might not come into contact with otherwise. A good old fashioned kick off party or door-to-door canvassing are fun ways to get to know new people while also spreading the word about your mission.

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