Michelle Poler - 100 Days Without Fear

Michelle Poler - 100 Days Without Fear

Published: June 30, 2015

Will you live in fear or conquer your fears? These are the questions Michelle Poler had to ask herself while creating a class project... what she didn't expect was the project to go viral!

Michelle is a student in NYC working towards her Masters in Branding at the School of the Visual Arts. As a class project, each student was challenged to pick something they'd be interested in doing for 100 days and documenting it. Michelle chose to face her fears.

Since moving to NY from Venezuela, Michelle felt frustrated that she wasn't enjoying the city because of how reserved she was based on a background that was very structured. This project seemed like a great opportunity to challenge herself and face the unknown.

Michelle called her project '100 Days Without Fear' and as you can imagine, skydiving was on her list of things to do... that's where we came in.

Several weeks ago, we got a call from Michelle and we were more than happy to help her face her fear of skydiving. She was already an internet sensation and we just knew that skydiving would top all of her other challenges to date.

Michelle visited us on the 66th day of her challenge and SHE ROCKED IT (see her video here).

Michelle has taken her project seriously as she has done some pretty big things that include eating insects (we'd prefer to skydive than eat insects) and even quit her job!

So far, she's been featured on major networks like CNN.com, Fox News, Cosmopolitan, Univision, The Daily Mail and a host of others. To say she's in a branding class, we think she's going to get an A+ as her brand is an internet sensation!

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Jumping out of an airplane is something that everybody should experience at least once. The staff was friendly, and the jumping instructors were hilarious. It was an amazing experience and I will be back again.

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