The Most Unforgettable Engagement Idea. (Ever!)

The Most Unforgettable Engagement Idea. (Ever!)

Published: August 14, 2017

Got a great big question to pop?

How about popping it right out the door of a plane rocketing across the New York City skyline?

Can you even think of anything more memorable?

We didn't think so.

If you're searching for a truly unique proposal idea, give us a call. We can throw around a little brainstorm and help you set up an absolutely unforgettable engagement. A skydiving marriage proposal is not only the most epic way to ask someone to spend the rest of their life at your side--it's also the surest way to cause everyone who works here to burst into happy tears when you get your "yes."*

Lucky for us, we get the opportunity quite often to video terrified proposers getting one knee dirty in the landing area. As New York's ultimate skydiving dropzone--with gorgeous views of Fire Island and The Hamptons unfurling as the background--all you have to do is build up the courage. (That's two once-in-a-lifetime leaps of faith in one day, my friend, and we're fully aware of just what it means to you.)

We see our role here like that of Sebastian the crab (from The Little Mermaid, y'know. The little Jamaican crab dude. Yeah. That one.), getting you and your beloved all set up for the perfect moment. Of course, Ariel and Prince Eric were alone in the boat. Our romantic ride will also include one tandem instructor for each of you, plus the pilot--an additional population we're certain you understand.

We've been starting happy couples down the road to married bliss for a while now, so we have the details dialed. We get a huge kick out of helping the proposing party put together a unique showstopper of an ask (and to capture it all, naturellement, with a custom-edited video and stills package). Need a banner? We know a guy. Fancy a limousine whisk-away? We've got you covered. How about a bed and breakfast in Montauk? Dude, we know exactly the one. This is New York, y'know--we have access to everything. In fact, we can take care of all the details except for the, y'know, asking part.

What are you waiting for? Quit thumbing the ring box and biting your nails and call us up today to discuss your epic plans. We have the tailor-made packages, the competitive pricing and the experience to make it all run like clockwork. It goes without saying that you'll both remember this for a lifetime (and we'll just have to keep digging in to our Kleenex reserves, 'cause it's so worth it).

*We are incurable romantics like you would not believe.

Best experience of my life! When I went that day I was expecting to watch my crazy sister go skydiving and somehow I ended up going as well!

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