Top Skydiving Stunts

Top Skydiving Stunts

Published: December 20, 2018

We like to think skydiving is one of the most fun extreme sports you can get into. While skydiving is a sport that should be respected, we like to cut loose and push the envelope every now and again with a skydiving stunt or seven And truth be told, we get into some pretty cool shenanigans miles above the earth. Check it out!

1) Quidditch

Harry Potter fans rejoice! As muggles or wizards who never received their letters, you might think Quidditch was out of the realm of possibility - but a group of stunt skydivers proved that just wasn't true!

2) Longest Touchdown

While the longest distance a football traveled across the ground from the quarterback's hand to a receiver's grasp was completed in 1935 by Fred Crawford (a wondrous 82-yard throw), this skydiving touchdown is nothing to snuff at.

3) Skydiving with Car

Some people take their beat-up cars to the junkyard. Skydivers just can't stand to be so bland. Skydiver Konstantin Petrijcuk had a more creative solution in mind. In August of 2017, a group of jumpers painted up a car and launched it from the tailgate of a SkyVan 2 miles above the earth. In doing so, the daring crew that completed the jump really experienced a ride to remember!

4) Canopy Burn

We're guessing when her parents told her never to play with fire, Brianne of AXIS Flight School wasn't listening.

So, why set a canopy on fire you may wonder? Well, because it looks cool, and we can.

5) Swoop Through Fire

It seems Brianne of AXIS Flight School has a fiery preoccupation. If it's not bada** enough to swoop across the ground at 70+ miles an hour, in a photo shoot set up by Performance Designs to promote a high-performance parachute called the Valkyrie, they turned up the heat even more.

6) Red Bull NYC Wingsuit Jump

Ever have those dreams where you're flying through the city like a superhero? Five of the Red Bull Air Force Wingsuit Flyers made soaring above NYC a reality and experienced the classic skyline of Manhattan from an entirely new point of view. Thanks to incredible developments in wingsuit technology, these flyers were able to reach speeds of 120 mph and traveled two miles in ONLY two minutes. #impressive

7) Harlem Shake

A few years ago, the Harlem Shake meme took the internet by storm. Not to be outdone, skydivers decided to make a Harlem Shake video that would never be bested.

As impressive as each of these stunts may be - to get the skills to be able to do any of it, we all started with a tandem skydive! Ready to get started? Check out our intro skydiving packages today!

We had a beautiful view of all of Long Island and the South shore. Kudos to all the friendly and professional staff for making us feel safe and showing us a great time.

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