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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 5 months ago

Can you possibly make the epic adventure of skydiving any better? Jumping out of an airplane is a HUGE accomplishment – something everyone should do at least once, if you ask us! Some people know they want to do it, and do it! Others know they want to do it, and just don’t get around to it. You know what’ll fix that problem lickety split? The gift of a skydiving voucher! Boom! Here are a few reasons why a skydiving gift certificate is a great idea …

The Best Kind of Surprise

Skydiving Gift Certificate

We all need a little nudge, sometimes. And, actually, aspirational skydivers often need a nudge! Jumping out of a “perfectly good airplane” is something that’s perfectly normal to be nervous about. Truth talk, skydiving is not as high-risk as people generally assume – in fact, 2021 was statistically one of skydiving’s safest years in the sport’s record – but our brains are reluctant to let go of our reality as land animals. If you know someone who wants to go up, but their anxiety is keeping them down, a skydiving voucher is the answer!

Experiences Are What Really Matter

Skydiving Experience in New York

Giving people stuff can be great, but skydiving gifts that create memories to last a lifetime are best of all! Helping someone you care about achieve something high on their bucket list not only scores you mega gift-giving brownie points, but it also supports your loved one’s journey toward self-actualization. You validating their dream, and them feeling seen and heard? It’s fulfilling for both! Ahhh, gifting perfection.

Doubly Special

skydiving proposal

If you have an important date looming in the near future, a skydiving voucher can be exactly the right thing to kick things up a notch. Skydiving can mark any occasion or special moment – graduation, birthday, anniversary, or any significant milestone. Emotions run high while skydiving, and it can be super romantic. Valentine’s Day is a super popular time to jump together, and skydiving marriage proposals happen more frequently than you might think! If you stack one surprise on another, it can be a very moving and profoundly memorable experience.               

Share The Fun

Skydiving with friends

If you’re going to give someone special a skydiving gift certificate, why not seize this most perfect opportunity for you to go too! You cannot possibly describe the experience of skydiving to someone who’s never done it and have them completely understand it – you have to DO it to know it. Jumping together is a crazy fun gift to you both! You’ll attend the pre-jump briefing, gear-up and ride to altitude together, exit through the same door just seconds apart from each other, and even spot each other across the sky on the parachute flight back down. And once you touch down, you can freak out together as you do a happy dance and big ol’ high fives!

Ready to arrange the ultimate gift? The process is easy peasy! If you have something more elaborate in mind than a skydiving voucher – get in touch! Let us in on the deets and we will do everything we can to help you get things just right. Also, pro tip – get the video – if you think the look on their face is priceless when they open your gift, wait til you see them living the dream from two miles up!!

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