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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 7 months ago

Do you find yourself in the eleventh hour searching for a last minute online gift? You know the “thing” won’t arrive in time, so you start searching for an experience gift … sound familiar? And then, inevitably, you love the perfect activity gift you find way more than the perfect thing you’d never have found, right? That’s because an experience can be etched into our personal history, creating lasting memories that withstand the test of time (unlike their tangible counterparts!). 

As many people enter their minimalist era, material items only add clutter. Experience gifts not only have an emotional impact and prioritize the well-being of the person, but they give people anticipatory excitement and result in a sense of fulfillment. 

Spa days, concert tickets, and cooking classes are all fine and dandy last minute digital gifts. But an experience gift for the adventure-seeker in your life ought to be extra level … like a skydiving gift certificate! If your criteria includes birthday, graduation, or Christmas gifts same day delivery, we’ve got you. Let’s get into it. 

Skydiving: The Pinnacle of NYC Experience Gifts

Need some convincing about skydiving in New York? You got it.


Diving headfirst into the holiday season, kicking off the New Year, or celebrating a birthday with a skydive is the ultimate adrenaline rush. Plus, there are a number of health benefits that accompany the adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, and all the happy endorphins coursing through your body during a skydive. It results in a magical concoction that will send you straight to cloud nine!  

Unparalleled adventure. 

New year, new you, right? We’re talking about January first AND that personal new year that kicks off on birthdays! A skydiving gift card is just the gateway our friends and family need to push past their boundaries and celebrate being alive! 

Unique memories. 

Sure, it’s fun to prance around with a new watch or designer jeans, to decorate your home with new this and that, or watch other people do things on your brand new flat screen … but is any of that truly living? Being present in the moment is all we really have – live it up!

Long Island Skydiving Center: Your Trusted Partner

Skydiving in Nueva York

Above all else: safety. It’s a sentiment we live by at Long Island Skydiving Center. We love to share the out-of-this-world experience that is human flight … and the only way we can do that day in and day out is to be relentless about safety.


Our aircraft – the Cessna 208 Grand Caravan – is a BEAST in the skydiving industry. This turbine aircraft carries 15 to 21 skydivers, gets to exit altitude in about 10 minutes, and is the epitome of “better, faster, stronger” in the world of jump planes. We keep her in pristine condition with diligent and thorough maintenance. 

Skydiving Plane Long Island


Top quality gear and its meticulous upkeep is paramount to success. Rigorous inspections and extreme attention to detail ensures our state-of-the-art equipment holds true to being the best of the best. 


Our entire staff prioritizes safety as #1. Our ground crew, pilots, and instructors are passionate about the sport of skydiving, and that shines through from the moment you step foot on the dropzone. 


We are located less than two hours from the Big Apple! This means you can be skydiving with us in the morning and indulging in a New York City dinner in the evening – perfect for an anniversary. *wink wink* 

Gifting Options

We offer multiple gift options to cater to diverse preferences and budgets! The prices below reflect gift certificates for weekday jumps; there is a $20 price increase for weekends.

Tandem skydive (weekday): $239 

This price includes the jump of a lifetime with an awesome instructor. 

Tandem skydive with photo or video (weekday): $338

Take the leap alongside a dedicated photographer or videographer. 

Tandem skydive with photo AND video (weekday): $368

Why choose between photo or video … get both! You only jump for the first time once! 

Tandem skydive with photo, video, AND a T-shirt: $388

Boom! This is the ultimate gift package, you can’t beat it! 

experienced skydiving instructor

Inspiring Testimonials

Not so sure about providing the leap of a lifetime for your loved one? Hear first hand from a few of our skydiving gift certificate recipients: 

I have used them in the past, and I am using them again in the future. Great company – they make you feel SAFE! I went with friends the first time – now both family and friends want to join this time. I was excited to open my xmas card and see a gift certificate. *** great gift to give someone – for sure a memorable experience. – T A 

This was a great experience. Fear disappears after you first jump! Dope experience. Best birthday gift ever! – D Price 

Most amazing experience from start to finish. Best birthday present I could have ever asked for!!!! – Toni De Sena 

Booking Is Easy 

Follow the steps on our gift certificate page for quick and easy booking. Some things to keep in mind: 

  • Recipients must be at least 18 years old on the day of the skydive and be able to prove it with valid, government-issued photo ID. 
  • Jumpers cannot weigh more than 250 lbs and $2 is added per pound over 200 lbs. We never (ever) want to exclude anyone; it’s about safety. 
  • Gift certificates cannot be cashed in or refunded.
  • Recipients must schedule in advance! No walk-ins.
  • Rescheduling is no problem at all! 

A skydiving gift certificate is way more than an email or a piece of paper, it’s a chance to defy gravity, gain a memory that will stand the test of time, and experience a testament to the boundless human spirit! We can’t wait to welcome your gift recipient to Long Island Skydiving Center – it’s going to be epic! Blue skies. 

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