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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 3 years ago

Clutter! Who needs it? Nobody, apparently. With each year that passes, the world seems more aware that the idea of filling our lives with stuff doesn’t bring the kind of happiness we hope for. In fact, it brings the opposite. More and more people are subscribing to the definition of elegant minimalistic simplicity so beautifully captured by William Morris in this quote: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” So what’s a savvy gift-giver to do?

Give memories, that’s what.

Memories make truly sock-knocking gifts, and a bucket list item like skydiving tops the shop. Not only does a skydiving gift crash straight through every tired holiday cliché — it makes a big impression on the giftee and giver alike! Here are some off-label reasons why.

1. The holidays are a transitional time

Let’s set aside the holly-jolly nonsense for a moment, shall we? The close of the year is a transitional time for everyone, and for plenty of folks, it can be downright tough. We all experience the end of the year as a time of introspection, and that often motivates the desire for a ritual that symbolizes rebirth. Looking for a girl that delivers just that — and much more lastingly than a boozy NYE countdown? A skydive is transformational and profoundly positive — just what the doctor ordered.

Gifting your loved ones with something as momentous as Earth-shaking as a bucket list experience is likely to give them something really powerful to chug through the rest of the silly season — and to look forward to through the remaining chilly weeks ahead.

2. A skydive keeps inspiring.

Experience gifts — like a bucket list experience! — bring the kind of long-term satisfaction that we bet you’ve been looking for in your gift-giving. Objects can satisfy at first but become part of the furniture quickly; a bucket list adventure, on the other hand, is a gift that endures.

Lots of folks who choose to make a skydive, insist that it’s something they won’t forget for the rest of their lives. It follows that — since the skydiving bucket list experience is something they’ll think fondly about forever — they’ll, by default, as the gift giver, they’ll think fondly of you forever as well.

3. Your gift could change your giftee’s life in incredible ways.

Here’s a thought experiment for you: Close your eyes and imagine the sense of fulfillment that accompanies finally being able to cross a once-in-a-lifetime experience off your bucket list. Empowering, innit?

We hear all the time that a major life experience like a first-time tandem skydive positively affects the lives of the undertaking adventurer, because it proves to them that so much more is possible than they imagined. They jumped out of a heckin’ plane, for heaven’s sakes! What else could they do? And then they set about tackling the rest of the “impossible” challenges in their lives. Magic? Maybe. The practical kind.

What’s the take-away? This holiday season, give bucket list adventures — like a skydive! They really do make the best gifts. Present someone with the gift of a lifetime!

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