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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 9 years ago

Visiting Long Island and looking for ADVENTURE? We’ve got you covered! These are the top 5 MUST DO ADVENTURES on Long Island!

1. Long Island Skydiving Center

It’s our list, so we’re obviously biased, but is there anything more adventurous than skydiving? We thought you’d agree! See Long Island from above at 120mph!

2. Sailacat

Miles from nowhere, wind in your face, sun beating down on your shoulders! This is FREEDOM! Learn to sail and escape the hustle and bustle with the good folks at Sailacat located in the Hamptons.

3. Surf 2 Live

You don’t have to go to Hawaii to learn how to surf… Let Surf 2 Live teach you to ride – located on Long Beach.

4. Adventure Paddleboards

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) has become huge. It’s a great ab workout and anyone can do it! Learn how to SUP at Adventure Paddleboards…just down the road from us!

5. NY Kite Center

Kite surfing is INCREDIBLE!!! Literally fly over waves at high speeds while impressing your friends on the beach! If you’d like to try it, NY Kite Center is the place to start!!!

You’ve been informed – Now go live your Long Island adventure!

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