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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 6 years ago

#bucketlist … #lifegoals … #livingthedream …

Whatever your preferred hashtag, most everyone is keeping a list of things they want to accomplish before they, well, “kick the bucket”. Kids dream big, throwing pennies in fountains and wishing on stars in an attempt to will a trip to Disneyworld into reality. Teens yearn for their first set of car keys. Adults set their intentions on a whole host of goals, but – young and seasoned adults alike – often have one experience goal in common: to skydive.

Skydiving is everything bucket-listers are hoping for, and then some. It’s liberating, exhilarating, enriching, exciting, inspiring, restorative, affirming, grounding, mind-blowing, and, yep, super empowering. The mega boost of confidence and can-do attitude that first-time skydivers harness when their feet touch the ground is so wonder-filled and catalytic, it propels people to tackle other seemingly unattainable items on their list of life goals.

If you’re one of the millions whose list is calling out to you as you read this, here are your next steps to seizing the day:

1. Find Your Dropzone

There are skydiving centers across the globe, and every one has its own personality. Poke around online to find an established and reputable dropzone that matches the vibe you’re looking for – it might be in your backyard, it might be a little further down the road.

The place to start your research is on the US Parachute Association website. As THE skydiving authority, the USPA sets the standards for policy, tech, and training and offers a variety of resources, including a list of the country’s most high-caliber dropzones. USPA-approved dropzones meet stringent guidelines pertaining to safety, equipment maintenance and instructor credentials.

Long Island Skydiving Center is proud to have been an elite USPA member for more than a decade. Voted as one of the most scenic places to skydive in the US, we think our vibe is hard to beat too.

2) Document Your Experience

Take a picture – it will last longer, right? Right. Every bucket list item should be documented but skydiving is non-negotiable. With the ride up to altitude taking about 20 minutes, freefall lasting about a minute, and your time under canopy maxing out at around 10 minutes, this long-awaited adventure is achieved in very little time. The life-altering surge of chemicals that impact you physically, emotionally and spiritually is worth capturing. Get the video and the stills. Relive the experience, carry it forward, and share it far and wide.

3) Bring A Pal, Or Your Whole Crew

Given the bucket list popularity of skydiving, chances are you know someone (or several someones) itching to cross it off too. Tell others of your plan to jump, share your research and choose a date together. No one skydives alone – you bond with your plane mates and find yourself with new tribe members before the day is through. But some of the most fulfilled first-timers jump with their crew. Spread the love.

Give your dream wings – and we’ll be there to safely make it happen for you. See you at the dropzone!

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