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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 4 years ago

Love is in the air (literally!) At Long Island Skydiving Center, we consider ourselves skydiving marriage proposal experts. Between our custom, tailored packages with competitive pricing and our experience helping infatuated individuals plan the perfect skydiving proposal, we make it easy for you to pop the big question.

We know you want to set the stage for the rest of your life with this one remarkable moment, and really, can you think of anything more magical than a skydiving proposal? Intrigued? Here’s how you can plan a skydiving marriage proposal you’ll both remember for a lifetime!

Pick a spot with perfect views!

Step one to planning an unforgettable skydiving marriage proposal is picking the right setting. Any skydiver will tell you the view from 2 miles above the earth is breathtaking. At Long Island Skydiving Center, we up the ante even more. Instead of the monochromatic landscape of country fields or lengths of desert, you and that special someone will be treated to spectacular views of Fire Island and The Hamptons. You’ll see from a bird’s eye view where the Atlantic Ocean kisses the land and watch as the waves break out on the water. Talk about setting the perfect romantic tone for your skydiving marriage proposal. Between the indescribable views and a skydiving marriage proposal, your special someone will really be speechless!

Keep it intimate!

Even if you have a massive ground crew waiting on you and your lover to land, we’ve found the moments leading up to your skydiving proposal are best spent in an intimate setting. The big moment is waiting for you when you land. Do you really want to spend the first half, before your leap of faith, listening to the twittering of a gaggle of strangers? We didn’t think so. At Long Island Skydiving Center, you and that someone special will have the entire aircraft to yourselves (aside from your instructors and the pilot of course!)

Make it special!

It wasn’t just one thing that your partner did or just one moment that sealed the deal. Since the start there has been something inexplicable about the way you feel around him or her. Unequivocally, you know this person is who you want to spend the rest of your life with. Deciding to marry the (wo)man of your dreams was the easy part. Not you just have to figure out how to make the skydiving proposal as special as they are.

At Long Island Skydiving Center, there are several ways to make a skydiving marriage proposal even more unique. Not everyone has the opportunity to have their marriage proposal professionally filmed; unless, that is, your skydiving proposal takes place at Long Island Skydiving Center. We have onsite media services to capture custom, edited video and photos of the entire experience. You and your significant other can relive the excitement of your skydiving proposal with family and friends again and again. Plus, with our local connections, we’re also happy to help arrange any number of special add-ons, including printing services for banners or limo pick up.

Interested in learning more about unforgettable skydiving marriage proposals with Long Island Skydiving Center? Contact us today!

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