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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 3 years ago

Skydiving is one of the most amazing experiences we have access to as human beings. There is something so deeply exciting about falling from a great height using only the power of gravity, that it elevates freefall from an airplane to the very top of the pile of extreme experiences you can choose from.

Over the many years and decades since skydiving transitioned from a stunt show jaw-dropper into a fully established sport, the process of doing your first jump has evolved into a very smooth operation that allows almost anyone to get involved. Tandem skydiving today has been refined to the point that the ground training element of the jump process happens as a single briefing shortly before you get in the plane. Simple! While the information you are given by your instructor during your briefing is indeed very important, it is easy stuff to remember and achieve – setting you up perfectly to relax and savor the thrill of your very first skydive.

However! While there is no formal training criteria for before you actually come down to the dropzone, there are a few things to have in place to make it all go smoothly…

Remember To Book

Good skydiving operations run on time to a precise schedule, so booking in with us is a very good first step. If you were to just turn up we would for sure do everything possible to get you up in the sky, but based on our manifest it might not be possible. This is particularly true during busy times such as weekends and holidays, and whenever the weather is nice – so don’t forget to make a reservation ahead of time to get the day you want.

Bring An ID

The skydiving industry is governed by both the USPA (United States Parachute Association) and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and as such we do all our proper paperwork before going anywhere near the plane. Bring a valid ID so we know who you are and can check you in quickly

Check The Weight Limit

Due to some safety considerations relating to both aircraft and parachuting, it is important that everyone who jumps with us falls within the official weight limit for skydiving. We have scales at the dropzone to be extra sure, but it is best to investigate beforehand if you think you might be too heavy. No guest can exceed 225lbs with clothing and shoes. Regrettably, we make no exceptions on this policy as it’s for your safety!

Get Some Proper Sleep

If you have never jumped before then it is completely normal to be nervous. Skydiving is scary at first but there is very little real risk involved. The most dangerous thing you will do on the day of your skydive is travel to the dropzone. So rest easy the night before and drive safe! When you arrive and witness in person the big happy smiles of others landing before you, any apprehension will turn to pure excitement.

Eat and Hydrate

Freefall does not make you feel sick and the sensation of jumping out of an airplane is not the same as going on a rollercoaster. Skydiving it is made of smooth, fast awesomeness and does not jiggle you about – so there is no need to consider skipping breakfast.

Arrive In Good Time

All the moving parts of a skydiving operation work together to keep things running on time. Sometimes the weather throws a spanner in the works and we have to wait for a bit, but for the most part our days are kept well in order. You can help us by getting here promptly. Stick to your scheduled arrival time or even join us before that to hang out! Skydivers are a friendly bunch and it is interesting to see how things run before it is your turn. The whole process of joining us for a jump, from start to finish with everything involved is about half a day – so please allow for this.

So there you go! Easy stuff that is mostly things you would do before going anywhere for a day trip or experience. Skydiving is one of the most memorable things you will ever do, and it is our job here at Long Island Skydiving to make it one of the absolute highlights of your life. See you soon!

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