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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 3 years ago

Skydiving is a sport of wonder as there’s nothing in our day-to-day lives that compare it to. There’s a world of so many unknowns such as the skydiving landing. If you’ve landed on this article (yes, we like puns!), then you might be curious about tandem skydiving landings and how it works. If we sparked your interest, then join us as we unveil the mysteries of the tandem skydiving landing with the top tips to help you on your journey!

Tandem Skydiving Landing Tip #1: Listen to Your Instructor

In tandem skydiving, you are harnessed to the front of your instructor. That means when you come in for landing, you’re still connected to another person! Instructors often relate a tandem skydiving landing like a 3-legged race! Usually in a 3-legged race, you just go for it, usually out of sync with the other person trying to win the race. You both have ideas on how to do it, but sometimes you just get tangled up and fall over each other.

Instead of being side-by-side in a 3-legged race, you’re stacked one in front of the other. This time, one of you has a lot of skydiving experience, having gone through a rigorous training program to become an instructor and guide others on this incredible experience. So our best tip for the tandem skydiving landing, listen to your instructor!

Tandem Skydiving Landing Tip #2: Lift Your Legs

Remember that analogy of the 3-legged race? Yup. This tandem skydiving landing tip is a biggie. When a parachute descends and flies, it doesn’t come straight down. Instead, there is a bit of forward momentum and the closer to the ground you get, the faster it seems you’re going. (Truth is you’re not, you just have something relative to see your movement.)

It is very common to the untrained eye to reach your feet down. We get it, it’s an instinct to have your feet firmly planted on the ground. However, in skydiving, and especially in a skydiving landing, reaching down before you fully slow the parachute down, and being attached to another person, could lead into that tumbling analogy of the out-of-sync 3-legged race. Not ideal, right?! In order for the experienced instructor you are harnessed to have control of the landing, then the student (aka – you!), needs to lift your legs for the landing.

Your instructor will brief you on how to do this, and when to do this. Then we go back to the tandem skydiving landing tip #1, listen to your instructor!

Tandem Skydiving Landing Tip #3: Prepare to Butt Slide

Yeah, we all want to land on our feet too. Yet, we keep going back to the 3-legged race analogy. Oftentimes it’s easier and more controllable for an instructor as the parachute has that forward momentum we spoke about, to come to a final stop in a controlled butt slide.

These tandem skydiving landing tips of course, doesn’t replace any training an instructor would give. Theirs and our first priority is always safety. So these tips be a basic guideline in preparation to your tandem skydiving experience.

So are you ready to jump on in? We’d love to share this wonderful world and experience with you! Connect with us HERE!

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