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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 3 years ago

It’s a weird time right now, isn’t it? These days, most folks are looking for stress-reducing, optimistic experiences that push up the numbers on their (let’s face it, not-so-solid) happiness index. Sure, that’s always been the goal — but it’s never been more true. And guess what? We believe skydiving is just the ticket.

The fact is that jumping out of a plane can be the perfect escape from a confusing, not-so-positive world. What might sound crazy, but hear us out: It actually isn’t. As it turns out, the off-label benefits of skydiving are super-positive, and you might be surprised at how thoroughly skydiving can transport you to a new place in your heart after just one jump. (Though, after you’ve experienced the benefits of skydiving firsthand, you probably won’t do just one…)

1. Crystal-clear mindfulness is a great escape

…and, make no mistake, skydiving is a mindfulness practice. Practicing mindfulness requires the practitioner to bring her attention to the present moment — a tricky but essential technique that can result in improved concentration and mental clarity as well as emotional balance.

Well, here it is: We probably don’t need to tell you that, in the moments after you jump out of a plane, it’s physically impossible to worry about the laundry that’s piling up, or your draconian new boss, or your boyfriend’s late-night texting habits. When you’re in freefall, your cognitive capacity is utterly wrapped up in the task at hand. In that space, your focus narrows all you focus on is you, your friends in freefall, and that moment.

2. Focus on skill = release

Humans have practiced sports as a form of escape since the earliest recorded history, and to pair that up with the mind-clearing properties of a good freefall amplifies the effects ad infinitum. And, once you do that first-time tandem skydive, you might notice that there’s — well — a trick to falling out of a plane. Plenty of them, as it turns out. While it might at first glance seem like all you need to do is get out, fall, and pull a parachute on time, skydiving is, in actuality, a real-live, serious sport.

3. Skydiving provides a great excuse for actual escape.

This world may be challenging, but we can say one thing for it — it’s exciting. And skydiving provides the best-ever excuse to get out and see it! Once you’ve earned your USPA A-license, you’ll have a “golden ticket” to skydive at nearly every dropzone on the planet, all of which boast a population of beautiful like-minded adventurers to help you widen your horizons.

After a few seasons in sport skydiving, you’ll suddenly discover that you have friends on several continents!

The “real world” is kinda cruel. Down here on the ground, we’re often separated by political predilections, miles, social classes and origin stories. In the sky, that all falls away as reliably as an untied shoe; up there, we’re chasing adventure and bettering our lives. Is there any more reliable escape?

Why don’t you make a reservation and try running away with us. You just might find yourself out there!

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