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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 6 years ago

Is Skydiving Scary?

If you have met anybody who is part of the skydiving NYC community, or even somebody who has just made a single tandem skydive, they’ll tell you that jumping from a ‘perfectly good airplane’ isn’t as scary as you’d think. Seems strange to think skydiving wouldn’t be scary, yet it’s the fear of it that keeps many people on the ground.

Skydiving is scary, and it’s also not… we explain this and how to manage your fear through the process of making your first tandem skydive.

When Skydiving Is Scary

Jumping from an airplane thousands of feet above earth is a crazy idea.

Our inner fight or flight mechanism trains us to respond to certain dangers. The concept of falling out of an open door of an aircraft is scary, and you will likely be fighting your fear from the moment of booking to exiting the plane.

However, exiting is where fear stops. The anticipation of skydiving is scary, but the actual skydive is completely enjoyable!

This is why you see so many photos of nervous faces inside planes and happy faces in freefall.

Here’s our best tips to allay your fears as much as possible, and get you to that exit.

Booking Your Tandem Skydive

Knowing that you have booked with a good, reputable dropzone that has high safety standards is reassuring.

Check out Google and Yelp reviews for a skydiving center before booking your tandem.

Make sure your chosen dropzone is affiliated to the United States Parachute Association, this is an indication the center is held to high safety standards.

On The Day of Your Skydive

Allow a little extra time when you start your journey to the skydiving center. Don’t feel rushed. Being flustered will not help with your fear.

Eat normally. Low blood sugar combined with adrenaline can make you feel unwell.

Know and accept that you will be scared. Everyone gets scared of skydiving, even experienced jumpers occasionally. Remember to breathe!

Embrace that fear, and know that completing a skydive despite being scared will feel amazing! Remember George Bush jumped when he was 90!

During Freefall

The moment you leave that aircraft and enter freefall, all of your senses are engaged and you will feel amazing. Ironically, you won’t feel like falling, but instead you’ll feel like you’re floating. It’s really hard to describe until you’ve done it. Trust us (and thousands who have done it), this moment is among the best you’ll have in your LIFE!

Parachute Ride & Landing

This is where it all slows down, but the fun doesn’t stop. You can now talk to your instructor and enjoy the views. Upon landing, your spectators will be able to cheer for you.

You will touch down with the greatest feeling of accomplishment and all fear gone.

Skydiving NYC Experience

If you now believe the anticipation is worth it, and would like to join the skydiving NYC ranks, we’d love to welcome you to Long Island Skydive Center.

Our professional team will do everything to make you feel at ease and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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