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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 2 years ago

We’ve already discovered that skydiving is most definitely worth the money – but is it worth the experience?

Skydiving is not just an adrenaline-dumping, bird’s-eye-viewing, radically-risky experience. It’s soul-nourishing and unforgettably enriching. The metamorphosis you go through between take off and touch down is what makes skydiving totally worth the experience!

Your first time skydiving experience is one of the most life-changing and impactful adventures you will achieve *core memory unlocked*. But whether this is your first time skydiving or your 1,000th jump – every proverbial (and literal) leap of faith invites a moment of clarity. It’s in that exact moment – when your perspective is switched – that serves as a beautiful reminder of how small we are in a big, wonderful world.

Skydiving experience


If you are anxious about the first-time skydiving experience as a whole or just straight-up scared of heights – skydiving gives you the opportunity to conquer your fears

Working up the courage to go skydiving requires tenacity – and you’ve got it! The feeling of accomplishment that follows a skydive is soooo gratifying – and will offer you just the validation you need to believe that you CAN, in fact, achieve anything you want to do!


Your brave feat will inspire you to pursue other tasks or aspirations you’ve been wanting to fulfill – because the type of person that skydives isn’t run by fear. No! They embrace challenges and are committed to getting everything they can out of life. YOLO! They take risks because they know that it is worth it in the end; it is worth the experience!


The breathtaking, unobstructed views you’ll get during freefall and the canopy ride pose as one of the most popular delights of a first time skydiver’s experience. Not only does the new perspective change your physical view of Mother Earth in all of its glory – but it does something to change your entire outlook on life.

Conquer Skydiving Fear

Jumping from an airplane, freefalling at 120+ mph, and riding a parachute through the air, has a unique way of transforming all of your “big” problems into miniscule, or better yet, non-existent ones. There is beauty in skydiving that you just can’t seem to achieve with anything else in the world. It is basically non-verbal therapy that cleanses your mental load and promotes mindfulness and inner peace.

Skydiving can change your life in a way that will stick with you forever! This moment of clarity alone makes skydiving worth the experience.


As you walk back to the skydiving center after your jump, you will get a sense of complete euphoria and accomplishment. This natural high is due to the release of dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline. All of those “happy chemicals” activate your pleasure sensors and give you an indescribable mood boost which can last 20 to 60 minutes following a skydive.

The effects of skydiving on the brain have the power to improve your memory and attention. The psychological skydiving experience will give you the inspiration you need to tackle other things in your life.


Whether you are jumping solo or with a group – you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime. Those moments that stick with us for a long time are the moments worth livin’! It really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience from the moment you step foot on the dropzone until the moment you drive away after your skydive.

Group Skydiving New York

Maybe you’ll even feel inspired to get your skydiving license and become a part of a fantastic, supportive, happy-go-lucky, worldwide community – which is absolutely worth it! You’ll see what we mean when you witness the magic of the dropzone – we’re all one big, happy family! 

Switch it up, change your life, and book your skydiving experience with NYC’s closest dropzone: Long Island Skydiving Center! Blue skies.

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