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Long Island Skydiving Center Posted by: Long Island Skydiving Center 5 years ago

First-time skydivers have a lot of questions rattling around in their heads as they’re preparing to take that first leap. Here are our answers to your top five tandem skydiving faqs.

FAQ 1: Is Skydiving Scary?

Answer: In a word: yes. But don’t oversimplify. The truth is a lot more interesting than just that.

Tandem skydiving is scary – and that’s exactly why you should do it. Jumping out of a plane, high above the world you’re accustomed to, puts every first-time tandem skydiver way outside his or her comfort zone. Indeed, that is the point of the whole enterprise – and the place where all the power of the experience derives. A tandem skydive offers the skydiver the opportunity to feel the enormous confidence of having done something really, really brave and really, really special. Trust us: it’s nothing less than magic.

FAQ 2: Is Skydiving Safe?

The aforementioned rush of adrenaline-spiked spook that you feel in the door is for your enjoyment only. It has no real scientific basis. Statistically, the time you spend with us in freefall is safer than the car ride to and from the dropzone. (If you don’t believe us, look at the statistics.)

You’ll note that, according to the National Safety Council, a person is much more likely to be killed getting struck by lightning or stung by a bee than he or she is to be killed on a skydive – and that’s for skydiving athletes, many of whom make a hundred jumps a month or more. That likelihood goes even further down when we’re talking about tandem skydiving.

FAQ 3: Is Tandem Skydiving Easy?

Don’t worry – when you show up for your tandem skydive, we’ll take excellent care of you. When you make your reservation, we’ll thoroughly explain what to wear and the simple things you can do to prepare. When you arrive at the dropzone, we’ll introduce you to the equipment and the process in an easygoing “ground school” that will leave you feeling ready for the experience. We’ll answer all your incidental questions and make you feel supported every step of the way. That’s what we’re here for!

FAQ 4: Is It Worth It?

Worth it? Oh yes. Tandem skydiving is indeed all it’s cracked up to be.

Most people say that their first-time skydiving experience changed their life (not kidding!) When you consider that a tandem skydive costs about as much as a night out, you might ask yourself when the last Saturday night you spent on the town changed your entire perspective on life for the better.

FAQ 5: Is Tandem Skydiving Right for Me?

If you’re over 18under 240 pounds and height/weight proportionate, you fit our basic safety criteria. (If you have a pre-existing medical condition, check with your doctor for an added measure of security).

Beyond that: we truly believe that skydiving is something everyone should experience, and we’re looking forward to introducing you to the wild blue yonder.

Ready for a Life-Changing Experience?

For skydiving near NYC, there’s no better choice than Long Island Skydiving Center. Book your tandem skydive online today or contact our team. We’ll be happy to answer any further tandem skydiving faqs you might have.

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