What To Write On Your Hands When Skydiving - Slogans, Hashtags & Captions

What To Write On Your Hands When Skydiving - Slogans, Hashtags & Captions

Published: November 9, 2018

Skydiving: it's the original badass sport. When you make that first jump from thousands of feet (sending your awesome-ometer through the roof in the process), you want to make more of a statement than a simple thrilled scream, right?

Unfortunately, you won't be able to address the video camera in freefall -- too noisy! -- and so you'll need to find another method to deliver your fist-pumping skydiving slogan to your waiting public. Luckily, you're not the first adventurer to want to caption your skydive, and we have great news for you: If you can find a Sharpie, you can make that skydiving one-liner a reality!

If you search for "skydiving quotes", you quickly discover that not many of them were written by actual skydivers. Most are some combination of dumb, preachy and -- well -- pretty wet-blanket negative. Let's throw off that soggy mantle together, shall we? You pick out a marker color you like, and we'll help you decide on exactly what to write on your palms. This'll be fun!

Two-Word Wonders

The gold standard for skydiving palm quotes remains the venerable two-word statement. Clocking in at one word per palm, this format allows for REALLY BIG TEXT (or, y'know, significant doodling in the margins). Check out some of our faves:

No Limits

Live Life


I'm flying!

Hi Mom

Marry Me!

Bucket List

Let's Jump

Holy #&%$!

Take Chances

Be Crazy

Carpe Diem

Make Memories

Yee Haw

A Couple of Words Per Palm

Want to be a little more detailed with your skydiving captions? Add a bit more detail. These are some of the bravest, most charming (and cheekiest) skydiving slogans you can scribble down in four words. Bonus points for adding extra colors!

This Is / Real Life!

How Was / YOUR Weekend?

Bye Bye / Airplane

Fearless / Is Limitless

Next Stop / Skydiving License!

Now This / Is Awesome

Practically Novel-Length Skydiving Quotes

A few words are pretty much the absolute capacity of a pair of palms. That said -- if your Instagram followers are the literary type, you can feel free to expand your one-liner to a two-liner and write them on your arms. We love these:

If You Don't Jump / You'll Never Fly

Feel The Fear / And Do It Anyway

Don't Make Me Walk / I Was Born To Fly

Do More of What / Makes You Happy

I Always Knew / I Could Fly

Excuse Me While / I Kiss the Sky

Now I'm Free / Freefallin'

Hashtag It!

Feeling like expressing your thoughts in the briefest way possible? Throw up one (or a couple) of the best skydiving hashtags in the wide blue yonder! If you need inspiration, here are a few of the most popular hashtags about skydiving the internet has to offer.

#skydiving #skydive #freefall #freefallin #sky #parachute #adrenaline #gopro #extreme #fly #skydivegram #skydiver #flying #skydivinggram #yolo #love #jointheteem #extremesports #travel #jump #adventure #crazy #travelling #freefly #happy #iloveskydiving #fun #photography #actionsports #summer #dieepic #bluesky #amazing #life #parachuting

Inspired? We knew it! Now take that artistic and literary inspiration down to see us at the Long Island Skydiving Center so we can commit your big moment to photographic posterity. We can't wait to see what your palms are rockin'!

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